The 20 Coolest Cloud Software Vendors Of The 2019 Cloud 100

The cloud, in its early years, was a good (read: inexpensive) place for businesses and organizations to park data while continuing to run on-premises applications for getting real work done. But increasingly mission-critical applications and the workloads they perform are being entrusted to the cloud.

The range of available cloud applications continues to expand while their capabilities become ever-more sophisticated, matching or even exceeding on-premise software. Examples of the latest next-generation cloud software include cloud system management and data management tools, financial planning and procurement automation applications, document and digital content management, UCaaS, and business analytics and data warehousing.

Here are 20 cloud software companies, from startups to more established companies, whose cloud software has caught our attention.


Ash Ashutosh, CEO and Founder

Actifio develops enterprise copy data virtualization software that provides Data-as-a-Service capabilities across cloud and on-premises systems for backup and recovery, data management and application development tasks.


Chris Lynch, CEO

AtScale's software, with its Universal Semantic Layer technology, connects almost any business intelligence tool or application to any cloud or on-premises data platform to create a virtual data warehouse system.


Tom Axbey, CEO

CloudHealth Technologies' cloud management platform makes it possible to analyze and manage cloud system costs, usage, security and performance through a single system. More than 3,500 organizations use the software to manage more than $5 billion in cloud spending.


Alan Rihm, CEO

CoreDial's CoreNexa Unified Communications-as-a-Service platform is used by more than 800 channel partners to deliver cloud communications solutions, including UCaaS, CCaaS, hosted PBX, mobility, SIP trunking and SD-WAN services, to 26,000 SMB customers in the U.S.


Josh James, CEO and Founder

Domo calls its software a "cloud-based operating system for business." Domo, which attracted lots of attention and $690 million in funding, develops technology that collects information from a wide range of applications and systems and delivers it to users' smartphones, based on their role.


Ike Kavas, CEO

Ephesoft's Transact offers a machine learning-powered document and data capture system for automating and streamlining business processes such as mortgage applications, insurance claims, invoice payments and sales orders. The company launched a new global partner program in November 2018.


George Fraser, CEO and Co-Founder

Fivetran's connectors software is used to build automated data pipelines between data repositories, including operational ERP and CRM systems, and cloud-based data warehouses and analytics tools such as Snowflake Computing, Amazon Redshift and Google Big Query.


Nariman Teymourian, CEO

The company's HyperCloud is a comprehensive, intelligent cloud management platform that provides organizations with visibility, control and automation of hybrid and multi-cloud environments. At the system's core is a predictive analytics engine with over 400 million benchmark data points.


Michael Gold, CEO

Intermedia is a UCaaS and business cloud email provider that delivers easy-to-use and secure communication and collaboration software to SMBs and the solution providers that serve them. The company's product portfolio includes Intermedia Unite, an all-in-one cloud communications and collaboration system.


Kevin McGibben, CEO

LogicMonitor develops a leading SaaS-based performance monitoring and analytics platform for enterprise IT, including on-premises systems, remote data centers and cloud resources. The software is used for a range of DevOps, web commerce, IT management and managed services tasks.


Eric Barroca, CEO

Nuxeo's content services platform provides a way for organizations to manage their digital assets and enterprise content. The cloud-native system includes connectors for integration with business applications such as Salesforce, Adobe Creative Cloud and productivity applications like SharePoint and Slack.


Amnon Drori, CEO and Co-Founder

Octopai developed an automated, centralized metadata management and data lineage search engine that business intelligence organizations use to quickly discover and govern shared metadata. The company was one of 10 cloud-based startups to participate in Microsoft's ScaleUp 2018 program.


Bob Muglia, CEO

Snowflake Computing is arguably the mind-share leader in the red-hot cloud data warehouse services arena. Snowflake, fueled by $923 million in venture funding, has been growing rapidly and attracting top-tier customers, despite competing with behemoths like Amazon Web Services and Oracle.


Tom Kieley, CEO and Co-Founder

SourceDay has developed a direct-spend procurement automation and supplier collaboration platform. SourceDay founders, with backgrounds in manufacturing, say the application is designed to fill the procurement capability gaps in most ERP systems that create unnecessary costs, risks and wasted productivity.


Doug Merritt, President and CEO

Fast-growing Splunk offers a portfolio of software for collecting, managing and analyzing machine data for a range of applications in IT management and performance monitoring, DevOps, security, business analytics and the Internet of Things.


Girish Pancha, CEO and Co-Founder

Data today is not only "big," but moving fast and constantly changing: Traditional data integration technologies can't keep up. StreamSets offers what it calls the first data operations platform for full life-cycle management of streaming data, a DataOps platform for hybrid cloud systems.


Sebastiano Bertani, CEO and Founder

Tanaza offers cloud-based Wi-Fi management software for configuring, provisioning, monitoring, troubleshooting and maintaining Wi-Fi networks. The system is vendor-agnostic, allowing network administrators to manage Wi-Fi devices from multiple vendors. Tanaza works with Wi-Fi solution providers, distributors and systems integrators.


Kunal Agarwal, CEO

Big data applications come with big expectations. Unravel offers performance management tools for production applications deployed on big data platforms, including analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT and ETL software. Unravel can optimize application performance and utilization, troubleshoot issues and analyze usage.


Don Mal, CEO

Vena Solutions is a fast-growing provider of cloud-based financial planning and analysis software. The software combines Excel with a centralized database, workflow capabilities, and advanced reporting and analytics. On Jan. 9 the company said it had raised $115 million in equity financing.


Asim Razzaq, CEO

Startup YotaScale launched the YotaScale Autonomous Cloud Operations platform in November 2018. The software leverages artificial intelligence technology to manage cloud operations, optimize cloud infrastructure and workloads, and improve cloud governance.