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12 Futuristic Technologies The Channel Thought We’d Have By Now

CRN Staff

In recognition of CRN’s 40th anniversary this year, CRN reached out to various solution provider executives to ask what technology innovation they thought they’d see by now. Here’s what they had to say.

Robert Keblusek

Chief Innovation And Technology Officer

Sentinel Technologies

Downers Grove, Ill.

I know you are probably looking for something specific to networking, data center, cyber security or other technology, but I would go with commercial supersonic flight. I remember the days of the Concorde and you see so many articles on developments in supersonic technology but still we can’t book a supersonic flight yet. Hopefully once they do arrive again, they will be more efficient from a cost perspective so that tickets will be more available to the average person.

If I had to go to traditional system integrator solutions, it would be developments in the areas of cyber security automated hunting and data loss prevention. We have some of that innovation now, but I can see room for improvement both in the accuracy, but also in the costs of effective solutions. We have to be able to more accurately detect compromises along with precise automated AI driven response.

Tanaz Choudhury


TanChes Global Management


I genuinely felt like we would have more drone technology in actual society. I did think that it would serve more in terms of deliveries. In our case, I thought it would be more used in law enforcement to stop guys rather than having cars chase them.

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