Bill Gates Speaks Out On ...

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As Microsoft began its long-awaited march into the VoIP market with the recent launch of its unified communications portfolio, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates shared his views on a number of topics related to voice market. Here's what he had to say on ...


To hear Gates tell it, the PBX's days are numbered. Whether it's a legacy PBX or one of those newfangled IP-PBX jobs, Gates says you don't need it. Sure, sure, customers right out of the gate will be reluctant to part with the PBXes they've already invested in and will plop Microsoft's Office Communications Server 2007 right down next their existing equipment. But really, the PBX is just redundant, Gates said.

"Overtime, the lowest cost structure will be to not have the PBX, to simply rely on the software and the Internet connection as the way that communications works," Gates said.

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