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Despite losing some ground, Cisco Systems remained

firmly on top of the enterprise router market in 2007.

With all of the services embedded in network infrastructure,

customers turn to Cisco for enterprise routers because they're
dependable performers, said Brett Rushton, vice president of
network strategy and infrastructure at Calence LLC, a solution
provider in Tempe, Ariz. "Customers have a need for simpler
solutions that work holistically across their networks," he said.

Cisco has already noted slower sales growth to some of its

U.S. enterprise customers due to the softening economy, which
could explain the slight market-share drop. Some customers also
might have been waiting for Cisco to launch its Aggregation Services
Router line, which debuted earlier this month. "It's probably
all of the above," said John Growdon, director of core
and data center technologies for worldwide channels at Cisco.

Cisco wasn't the only Best-Seller to see a dip in share. Hewlett-

Packard also saw a small decline. Nortel Networks was the only one of the top three to see any growth, and it was
small at that, indicating that Cisco customers aren't the only ones
concerned about the status of the economy. [READ MORE]

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