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Fujitsu America dominated the market this year, with

Canon and Hewlett-Packard jockeying for position.
Said Scott Francis, senior director of product marketing at
Fujitsu: "At Fujitsu we have a very core philosophy behind
our document imaging scanners. They focus on three core
things: the quality of the image that we capture, the paper handling
itself and overall reliability so that the scanner simply
will not break down."

Jack Roberts, co-founder of Cutting Edge Solutions, Kansas

City, Mo., is a Fujitsu fan. "The value you get for the cost of
the scanner and the quality is very good, and their actual scanner
line works," Roberts said.

Dan Rotelli, president of Business Imaging Systems, Oklahoma

City, Okla., is on board with Canon. "They're very feature-rich
and, being an authorized support partner for them, they provide
us with really good training and good parts resources to
be able to provide good service," he said.

HP, meanwhile, wins for Ed Greenberg, vice president of sales

at IT Access, Westford, Mass. "The low-end scanners, they're
all about the same in terms of quality, but the quality is excellent
on their high-ends. And the cost is very competitive." [READ MORE]

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