Looking For IT Talent In All The (Un)Usual Places

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Recently this year's crop of graduates hit the IT job market. Check out how some companies are using innovative techniques to recruit these days.

MICROSOFT: Hi-Tech and Hot Tubs

Video is one way Microsoft attracting new, young staff. The software behemoth uses video to give recruits a sense of not only the type of people who work at Microsoft. But it's also not unusual to find those types of "promos" on YouTube, Soapbox, etc.

In addition, Microsoft has several nontraditional, social-oriented recruiting initiatives, each designed to help people who are thinking about applying or already interviewing for a new job. A sampling includes:

-- Microsoft's JobsBlog is written by Microsoft's recruiters for those who are thinking about a career at Microsoft, are already in the interview process, or are just curious about working at the company.

-- Hey Genius is a recruiting site aimed directly at college students. There are videos, Tech Talks, games and other interactive features on the site. The Hey Genius campaign also hosts on-campus activities on more than 200 campuses. A potential Microsoft recruit might be invited to hop in Microsoft's Jobcuzzi, a portable hot tub used at recruiting events.

-- A Facebook page: Working it @ Microsoft. Many of the "Meet Microsoft" videos can be found on the Facebook site, including employees such as Derek and Tina.

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