Killer Technology: 20 Techie Thrillers

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That chainsaw-wielding sociopathic maniac slicing and dicing everyone he comes into contact with just ain't scary enough for today's blood-thirsty horror movie-going public.

Yeah, they still want the gore, but movies are relying more on technology to deliver the splatter and suspense. These days, killers track their pray with emails, video conferencing, computers and a host of other gadgets and gizmos. In some instances, the technology itself is the killer.

With Halloween just around the corner, ChannelWeb has rounded up 20 chilling silver screen tales where technology plays a role, be it major or minor. What you see might make you think twice before answering your cell phone or responding to that instant message. Don't worry, we won't spoil the endings. Hold your breath, it's about to get scary, and maybe even a little bit nerdy.


Navigation systems never hurt as good as they do in GPS, a 2007 thriller that chronicles a group of college buddies partaking in a GPS treasure hunt in search of money. Unfortunately for them, instead of buried treasure, their navigation system leads them to a buried coffin chock full of photos of a kidnapped woman and GPS coordinates that will lead them to even darker places. It's up to the crew to decide whether the photos are real or part of a modern-day cat and mouse game where consumer technology dictates their every turn.

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