VAR500 Roundup: CIBER Feels Audit Heat, HP Services Gets ICEd, And More

This week, CRN published the 2010 VAR500 list. Elsewhere, Fiserv released an online banking report, ACS bought EHRO from HP, CIBER was criticized in an audit, CDW-G donated notebooks to troops, and HP Services won a big federal contract.

Fiserv: Online Banking Goes Mainstream

Fiserv's (2010 VAR500 rank: 34) most recent Consumer Billing and Payment Trends survey, which has tracked online consumer bill payment habits since 2001, reports that online banking, bill payment and e-bill usage continues to grow. Between 2000 and 2010, the number of households that use online banking increased more than six-fold, and the number that use online bill payments increased nearly eight-fold. In addition, women have edged out men as the primary users of the service.

"The face of online bill payment has changed significantly over the last decade," said Geoff Knapp, (left), vice president, Online Banking and Consumer Insights, Fiserv. "Early users were tech-savvy and tended to be young and male, as is typical with new technology. Now it's moms and seniors and people at all income levels using the service. Online bill payment has become mainstream, and there's still room to grow."

A comprehensive overview of the 2010 Consumer Billing and Payment Trends survey results can be downloaded here.

ACS Expands HR Market Presence

Xerox's Affiliated Computer Services (ACS) agreed to buy ExcellerateHRO (EHRO) from Hewlett-Packard, a move that will make ACS, (2010 VAR500 rank: 21), one of the world’s single largest pension administrators. EHRO’s clients include FORTUNE 500 as well as midmarket companies, which are served by more than 1,800 human resources specialists.

’This acquisition clearly demonstrates Xerox’s commitment to invest in human resources services that will ultimately benefit all our clients,’ said Ann Vezina,(left), ACS executive vice president and group president, ACS Human Resource Services, in a statement. ’This acquisition, coupled with our increasing investments in new products and services, broadens ACS’ customer base, strengthens our capabilities and consistency to an expanding sector.’

Financial details were not provided. This is the first purchase ACS has made since being acquired by Xerox less than a year ago.

CIBER Criticized In Audit

CIBER, (2010 VAR500 rank: 64), is named in a Louisiana state audit, released May 24, which said the city of New Orleans cannot account for millions of dollars spent on high technology.

Among the issues is a $1.85 million student information software system for city-run charter schools, along with additional software for courts and crime systems, that was contracted for not long after Hurricane Katrina devastated the city. According to the report, auditors were "unable to find anyone at the city familiar with any of these additional software packages and found no evidence that it was ever provided," the report said. The Associated Press reported that CIBER said the software should have been delivered in late 2005 or early 2006, but the charges were canceled and the money was not collected. Other issues in the report include amendments to a contract with CIBER, and another contract in which services were not clearly delineated. CIBER denies any wrongdoing, according to the AP. Greg Meffert, who is currently facing federal corruption charges, was the city's technology director at the time of the transactions, which span from April 2005 through the end of 2009. Meffert left his position in July 2006.

CDW-G Donates Laptops To Troops

Operation Homefront this week teamed up with CDW Government to provide laptop computers to wounded service members and families at Fort Belvoir, Va., and Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Silver Spring, Md. CDW-G's parent, CDW, is ranked #15 on the 2010 VAR500. Operation Homefront is nonprofit organization that provides emergency assistance for military troops, their families, and wounded soldiers when they return home.

The computer donations help members and families connect through the use of e-mail and other tools to communicate from soldiers' bedsides. In addition, the laptops enable soldiers to work on resumes, explore opportunities in higher education and remain current with world news.

’I was wounded in Vietnam and was a patient at Walter Reed. At the time, no one other than the family thought about the wounded soldier,’ said Brig. Gen. John Howard (Ret.), CDW-G Department of Defense (DoD) business development manager (pictured at left in business suit). ’We are grateful that through our continued partnership with Operation Homefront, we are able to highlight the sacrifice of military families and help alleviate some of the stress they often feel during rehabilitation.’

Since its founding in 2001, Operation Homefront has delivered nearly 5,000 computers to military families. Corporations can donate computers by calling 202-547-0638

202-547-0638 .

HP Services Provides Services To Immigration And Customs Enforcement

HP Enterprise Services has won a $41.6 million contract to provide application services for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) Law Enforcement Support Center (LESC). The services are aimed at speeding up internal processes regarding immigration status determination.

The LESC gives officers various informational services at the local, state and federal levels. Its 24/7 availability provides timely and accurate information on the immigration status and identities of individuals who have been arrested or are under investigation for criminal activity. "U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement needs to be able to streamline processes and create efficiencies; this is what the modernized status determination process is designed to do," said Dennis Stolkey, (left), senior vice president, U.S. Public Sector, HP Enterprise Services.

HP will automate the existing manual status determination process, develop warrant creation, jail roster/release, and criminal alien tracking as well as provide integrated case management services.

Introducing The 2010 VAR500

ACS/Xerox, CDW, CIBER, Fiserv and HP Services, are all members of the 2010 VAR500, which debuted this week. The VAR500 ranks solution providers, IT consultants, systems integrators and resellers with North American headquarters according to 2010 revenue.

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Though many from last year made it to 2010, others did not -- some due to revenue drop off, some due to acquisition or merger. There are several new faces along with many with ’staying power’ among this year’s 500.

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