Oh, How The Mighty Have Fallen: Scandals That Rocked The IT World

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Crash And Burn

The resignation of Mark Hurd as chairman, president, and CEO of HP for violating HP's code of conduct following a sexual harassment investigation is arguably the biggest scandal to rock the IT industry, if for no other reason than the fact that HP is IT's biggest player.

But Hurd is by no means alone in terms of high-level IT executives who have either resigned or been fired in the wake of issues ranging from indiscretions to outright fraud, even as they sat at or near the top of their companies.

Remember how IBM's Bob Moffat and AMD's Hector Ruiz were tarred due to their connection to an insider trading probe? Or HP's Patricia Dunn's pretexting of reporters? Or Oracle's Charles Philips and the billboards which announced a long-time affair?

We aren't National Enquirer or Star Magazine by any means. But there's nothing wrong with a good tale or two involving power, sex, and money. . . .


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