Oh, How The Mighty Have Fallen: Scandals That Rocked The IT World

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Mark Hurd, Former Chairman, President, And CEO, HP

Mark Hurd, the man credited with helping HP overtake IBM to become the world's largest IT company, was fired in August by HP over a couple of instances of poor judgment.

HP originally investigated Hurd in response to allegations of sexual harassment connected to his relationship with Jodie Fisher, an actress who was hired by HP several times to greet executives at HP functions.

While HP's investigation eventually found no evidence of violations of HP's sexual harassment policy, and Fisher and her lawyer, Gloria Aldred, denied any sexual intimacy between Hurd and Fisher, the company fired Hurd over his undeclared close personal relationship with Fisher that constituted a conflict of interest, failure to maintain accurate expense reports, and misuse of company assets.

Hurd is unique in this list of IT execs in that his former employer gave him an exit package worth about $12 million after he admitted he was wrong.


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