9 Companies Midsize CIOs Are Talking About

Midsize CIOs

Everything Channel recently held its Midsize Enterprise Summit West conference in San Antonio, attracting several hundred CIOs of midmarket companies. We asked some of them to name vendors that intrigue them or that they are more interested in these days. Here's what they had to say:

Mike Allison

Divison Director of Information Technology

Texas Association of School Boards, Austin, Texas

"MicroStrategies. You can put your BI on a small device like an iPad or iPhone."

Blaine Cappel

Director of Information Technology

Memorial Health System, Abilene, Kans.

"I like TriGeo [Network Security], the way they take processes that no one wants to do and no one does and makes data useful."

David Boring

Information Technology Director

Trinity Broadcasting Network, Tustin, Calif.

"CommVault. The breadth of the product. I thought it was just simple backup, but it's so much more."

Michael Patton

Director of Information Technologies

Hecla Limited, Couer d'Alene, Idaho

"Lifesize. I didn't know about them or know that I needed them. Video conferencing I've tried [to buy] twice but it didn't fly. They're so reasonably priced compared to other offerings, it's hard to say no. And the quality, HD, is a whole new ballgame."

Cheryl Nolan


OmniFlight Helicopters, Addison, Texas

"QlikView. I liked the idea of putting the report writing in the hands of someone other than IT."

Ken Munson

Director of Information Technology

Parr Lumber, Hillsboro, Ore.

"Birst. It seems to simplify getting BI up and running."

Michelle George

Vice President of Application Development

Securities America, Omaha, Neb.

"SonicWall. For detection. It sounds like it would take having to configure [our systems] all over again, but I was impressed with it."

David Wieczorek

Network Manager, Network Services

Loyola University of Chicago

"Information Builders, for BI. I'd like a product that is easy to be used. I like their analytical processes and how you can review the reports before they go out."

Liangfu Wu

Director of Information Services

Village of Downers Grove, Downers Grove, Ill.

"We've been looking at Google for the last couple months at their cloud [solutions]."