The Best Products Of 2010

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CPU: Intel Core i5

There have been many years in the IT industry where the biggest advance in processing has been a simple clock speed upgrade or branding tweak. This wasnt one of those years.

Intel began its latest bold moves into the desktop processing space late last year, when it first launched the Core i5 platform for desktops. Earlier this year, Intel followed up with a dual-core Core i5 targeted at notebooks and mobile computing.

The chip maker added functions such as Turbo Boost to its CPU offerings, as well as Hyper-Threading and HD graphics. Not only was Intel able to boost performance with the Core i5, but it did so while providing both energy efficiency and enabling longer battery life, as well as keeping thermodynamics for mobile PCs on a continually improving trajectory.

All of the Core i5s technical features combine with a pricing strategy that keeps it listed at less than most quad-core desktop CPUs, even with that comparable system performance.


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