What Would Santa Claus Bring Your IT Organization For Christmas?

Letters to Santa

It’s that time of year, a time when millions of children are writing letters to ask Santa Claus for presents. Keeping in the holiday spirit, we asked a number of channel executives what they would want Old Saint Nick to bring their IT organization for Christmas.

Here’s what they had to say:

Joe Zueger

Workplace Technology Center
Sioux Falls, S.D.

"It'd probably be the ability to effectively scale the business. We're at a point where we can take on new business without more stuff. We're at critical mass. We're past 'survive' and we're starting to get into 'thrive' profitability. We want to scale for the future."

Victor Blevons

Consultant Integricom
Tucker, Ga.

"More customers to manage. I was brought in to rebuild [our managed services]."

Richard Kaeufer

Data Applications
Addison, Texas

"Santa already came to us this year. We purchased a PSA tool and we hired a new director of sales and marketing. But I guess if he could bring something else it would be sales leads. It's hard today to cut through the traditional [lead] and get to the meat of it with customers."

David Learmonth

Systems Engineer
Southern Cross Computer Systems

"About 10 new customers to put on N-able. Which we're working on. I've got two waiting for me when I get back [to the office]."

Ted Warner

Connecting Point of Greeley
Greeley, Colo.

"All I want for Christmas this year is 24 new managed service clients. Not that I’m picky, Santa, but I’d like for them to have about 40 employees, a very trouble free network, and end users that really understand their technology. That way Santa we can provide perfect service to them. Finally, I want to make sure they pay on time and never complain. Thanks Santa, enjoy the cookies."

Jim Drummond

Owner and General Manager
MicroAge IT Solutions
Red Deer, Alberta

"More clients!"

Mark Mason

Manager of Schedule Support Services
NPower Pennsylvania

"I'm a non-profit, so money. But seriously, we're a non-profit working for non-profits so I look for this model to lower costs for our clients. I'd like to bring them low cost solutions."

Bob O'Malley


"I'd like to see some stability in the economic situation that allows our business and others to invest in the future with an higher degree of confidence."

Joe Popper

Computer Gallery
Palm Springs, Calif.

"That's easy. A bunch of new clients."

Wayne Higgins

Senior Solutions Specialist VISN IT
Staten Island, N.Y.

"More clients, more help. We need more people. We've got the work. We're going through a growth spurt and we can't find the right people. We know they're out there, but we can't find them"

Dan Edwards

Henderson, Nev.

"More managed services. Companies are getting away from break/fix because they're tired of getting nickel-and-dimed. They see the value that we can help get all their issues resolved for one bill."

Rory Sanchez

President and CEO
West Palm Beach, Fla.

"A sales engine. We have been working really hard at our service delivery side of the house. We’ve got it down. The next thing is building the sales engine. If I could snap my fingers and have it on December 25, I'd take it."

Pete Peterson

Senior Vice President, U.S. Sales
Tech Data
Clearwater, Fla.

"The traditional thing: peace and love across the world, certainly I’d take that. I would just be asking for anything that gives us the ability to continue to support our reseller community, to make sure they're successful."

Bruce Geier

President and CEO
Technology Integration Group
San Diego

"Health, happiness and prosperity for the coming year for our employees, partners and especially for our customers and their families. It is our customers who provide the means for us to be able to provide for our families and so we wish for them success and the continued ability to be able to provide for theirs."

David Powell

Vice President of Managed Services
Birmingham, Ala.

"We'd love for Santa to continue bringing us customers that see the value of managed services and cloud services. We'd ask Santa to continue to bring us customers that want a true partnership and not just a transactional relationship. We'd ask for partners that are truly committed to the channel and really consider how their new offerings might impact their current channel partners and their initiatives. We'd ask that he bring TekLinks and their customers a prosperous new year. Also, if he wants to throw in a Porsche 911 Turbo, that’d be cool too."