10 Hot Emerging Vendors For February 2011

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Vu TelePresence

Company: Vu TelePresence

Tech Sector: Networking
Key Product: Vu TelePresence Pro

The Lowdown: Vu TelePresence is among a handful of upstart companies committed to the idea of lower-cost, lower-hassle video telepresence for small office, home office and SMB customers, and the India-based company, whose North America headquarters is in Zelienople, Penn., is already building a buzz in the channel. Billed as a "plug-and-play" telepresence experience, the Vu Pro package includes a pan-tilt-zoom camera, a hardware codec unit, a wireless keyboard and mouse, speakers and a microphone and can support 1 or 2 screens. According to Vu's executives, 500 Kbps of bandwidth is sufficient to run the Vu-ing, and 720p picture support, multi-party conferencing up to 5 parties and recording and archiving of conference sessions is all available. The package costs $1,500 per unit -- not including a display -- or is offered as-a-service for $49 per month.

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