Five Companies That Dropped The Ball This Week

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Microsoft Blocks Open Source Apps From Windows Marketplace

Microsoft has adopted a conciliatory tone in its dealings with the open source community, but apparently this only extends to enterprise software and not the mobile space. In a move that's riling advocates of open source, Microsoft has written its Windows Marketplace licensing terms to prohibit open source code and apps.

"The Application must not include software, documentation, or other materials that, in whole or in part, are governed by or subject to an Excluded License, or that would otherwise cause the Application to be subject to the terms of an Excluded License," according to Microsoft's Windows Marketplace Application Provider Agreement.

One could say that Apple's App Store policies are chock full of this sort of the exclusionary mentality, but that would literally be an Apples-and-Microsoft comparison. Apple gets away with stuff like this, but Microsoft's reputation will no doubt take a hit in the open source community as a result of this incident.

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