7 How-To Tips For VAR Entrepreneurs

How-To Tips For Solution Providers And IT Entrepreneurs

CRN's How-To community is full of information for the VAR entrepreneur. Check out these seven tips from the experts on selling new technology, offering AV solutions, delivering on the promise of analytics and executing an M&A growth strategy. If you're interested in learning more about the cloud, our experts explain how to resell software in the cloud, deal with GRC in the cloud and how to sell cloud even if it's not your core competency.

How To Sell Customers New Technology

So, you've got a great slate of products and services -- but you just can't seem to get traction in the market. Scott Calvert, VP of Sales, CodeBaby, in a CRN Community blog, suggests the problem may be in your selling plan. Don't have a plan? Here are some tips for creating and executing a successful, yet basic, sales plan.

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How To Resell Software In The Cloud

Solution providers that currently sell software should consider selling their wares through the cloud. In a CRN Community blog, Tim Keyes, Chief Operating Officer, Runaware, discusses why revamping your strategy will not only be profitable but will also be popular with clients. Keyes also isn't afraid to state an inconvenient truth you might already half suspect: The days of the passive software reseller are numbered.

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How To Execute An M&A Growth Strategy

As the economy starts its rebound, solution providers are investigating increasing their businesses -- not only through organic growth, but also through merger and acquisition. For VARs looking to expand their services through acquiring other companies, David Gulian, president and CEO of InfoLogix, in a Community blog offers several steps to help position your business to take advantage of new market opportunities while expanding into new markets.

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How To Sell Cloud Computing Even If Its Not Your Core Competency

Cloud computing has become an increasingly important item on CIOs' agendas and presents major opportunities for the channel. But many of you may wonder how you can effectively sell cloud computing if it’s not your core competency. In a Community blog, Robert Fuller, vice president of Worldwide Channel Sales, Rackspace, describes his "Don't Sell the Burger, Sell the Meal" strategy and offers tips on how to educate your customers on the cloud to help them benefit from the most appropriate cloud services -- and drive additional revenue streams for yourself.

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How To Sell Audio-Visual Solutions (And, More Importantly, Why)

Offering audio-visual systems is one way solution providers can extend their offerings -- but to do so requires some specialized knowledge and capabilities. As these systems become increasingly popular for their cost-saving characteristics, more customers are seeking out partners to provide them. In a blog, Ron Camden, VP North American Sales, and Graeme Harrison, VP International Sales, Biamp, discuss the various ways of incorporating AV systems into your solutions.

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How To Boost Business: GRC In The Cloud

You already know that cloud computing is the "next big thing." But where is that market headed -- and how can you capitalize on making the leap now? Torsten George, vice president of Worldwide Marketing and Arti Raman, vice president of Products & Alliances, Agiliance Inc., note in a Community blog that a wise move for solution providers would be to invest in governance, risk and compliance solutions. In that way, VARs could serve old and new customers in their efforts to assess the risk of their IT infrastructure and can assist them in tackling an increasingly complex regulatory environment.

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How To Sell Analytics Successfully: Think Like A Hacker

Business analytics provide a method for companies to measure exactly how they are performing given a set of parameters. That knowledge allows sales data to be sliced and diced, as well as customer data, vendor data, and so on. Although similar in nature, analytics and business intelligence are different, and in his blog, Mike Minelli, vice president of sales, Revolution Analytics, discusses why your clients should be asking you to help them implement analytic solutions.

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