Even Without Steve Jobs, Apple Still Most Valuable Tech Company

25 Most Valuable Tech Companies

With recent headlines suggesting that Apple has more cash than the U.S. Treasury and is worth more than the Great Wall of China, it's a good time to examine just how valuable the iOS and Mac giant is compared to other tech companies, based on their market capitalization.

Even with an expected dip following the resignation of Steve Jobs, Apple is still more valuable than many other tech companies put together. The following represents the top 25 most valuable tech companies, based on the 50 publicly-traded companies that CRN regularly follows on Wall Street.

25. Red Hat

Market Capitalization: $7.31 billion

With a market cap of more than $7.3 billion, the Linux giant edged out Western Digital ($6.4 billion) to crack the top 25.

24. CA Technologies

Market Capitalization: $10.50 billion

CA's market capitalization today comes in at just over $10 billion, or almost as much as it spent on acquisitions in the 1990s.

23. Citrix Systems

Market Capitalization: $10.98 billion

Citrix becomes the first 11-figure company on the list at $10.98 billion.

22. Check Point Software Technologies

Market Capitalization: $11.20 billion

Check Point could become even more valuable if it can successfully execute on some of its new SMB Cloud Services.

21. Xerox

Market Capitalization: $11.33 billion

Xerox recently won a big deal to provide print managed services to Cisco Systems, supplanting all legacy HP printers at the networking giant.

20. Juniper Networks

Market Capitalization: $11.63 billion

Rival Cisco recently swiped two executives from Juniper, but the company continues to be one of the most valuable tech firms on Wall Street.

19. Symantec

Market Capitalization: $12.72 billion

As Symantec develops its cloud initiatives, its strong value should continue to hold.

18. NetApp

Market Capitalization: $13.85 billion

NetApp recently missed earnings expectations, but the company is still among the most valuable with technology investors.

17. Motorola Solutions

Market Capitalization: $14.36 billion

Motorola Solutions recently agreed to sell its two wireless broadband networking units to a private equity firm.

16. Salesforce.com

Market Capitalization: $16.68 billion

Perhaps nobody is riding the cloud wave better than Salesforce.com right now.

15. Panasonic

Market Capitalization: $24.67 billion

Panasonic makes a big jump, more than $7 billion more than the previous company on the list.

14. Dell

Market Capitalization: $27.11 billion

Michael Dell has wasted no time looking to capitalize on HP's recent announcement it may shed its Personal Systems Group.

13. Accenture

Market Capitalization: $34.82 billion

The only company defined as a solution provider on the list is Accenture at more than $34 billion. The nearest channel company was distributor Avnet with a market cap of $3.99 billion.

12. VMware

Market Capitalization: $38.31 billion

Like many companies, VMware's value isn't what it was a few months ago, but a lot of vendors wouldn't mind being worth $38 billion.

11. EMC

Market Capitalization: $45.41 billion

EMC must see a lot of value in itself. The company recently said it planned to expand its share buyback program to $2 billion, from $500 million.

10. Hewlett-Packard

Market Capitalization: $53.51 billion

A year ago, HP might have appeared higher on this list, but the departure of Mark Hurd, the hiring of Leo Apotheker and HP's recent announcements about its mobile initiative and the Personal Systems Group have all combined to lower its value on Wall Street.

9. SAP

Market Capitalization: $64.11 billion

Enterprise software is a highly-valued commodity on Wall Street, as SAP joins several other competitors on this list.

8. Cisco Systems

Market Capitalization: $85.62 billion

Like HP, Cisco's value on Wall Street has deflated over the last year or so after a series of announcements including missed earnings expectations and inventory issues.

7. Intel

Market Capitalization: $106.28 billion

Intel becomes the first 12-figure company, one of seven in the tech industry.

6. Lenovo Group

Market Capitalization: $132.54 billion

The quiet giant doesn't garner the channel headlines that the other hundred-billion-dollar companies do, but Lenovo's global brand cannot be ignored.

5. Oracle

Market Capitalization: $141.18 billion

Larry Ellison didn't become one of the world's richest men without owning a sizeable chunk of the $141.18 billion enterprise software giant that he runs.

4. Google

Market Capitalization: $174.59 billion

Google went public seven years ago, Aug. 25, 2004, with a market capitalization of $23 billion. Early investors are still smiling.

3. IBM

Market Capitalization: $206.02 billion

With Big Blue's dominance in many areas of technology, it's not surprising that the company is worth nearly $200 billion.

2. Microsoft

Market Capitalization: $219.76 billion

Microsoft's market capitalization is so much that it's as much as three other software giants, Oracle, SAP and CA, combined.

1. Apple

Market Capitalization: $361.56 billion

Surprise! In addition to being worth more than the GDP of many countries, it was recently reported that Apple has more cash on hand, $76 billion, than the U.S. Treasury. Even with a dip from the sudden resignation of CEO Steve Jobs, Apple is still far and away the most valuable tech company in the world.