Axis Business Solutions Rocks Maine

Aptly Named

They don't call it "The Cliff House" for nothing. The historic resort where Axis Business Solutions held its summit, is perched atop Bald Head Cliff in Ogunquit, and boasts panoramic views of the Atlantic and the surrounding rocky coastline. Ocean-facing dining rooms, lounges, and decks strategically placed throughout the sprawling cliff top hotel are perfect for absorbing the striking scenery.

Growing Year By Year

Owner Peter Estes struck out on his own to form Axis Business Solutions in 2003, after working for well-known VAR GreenPages. Soon to follow him in his new endeavor was his former co-worker, Sue MacQuade, now an account manager with Axis. ’We’ve grown every year, from me and one employee in a small office, now we have 24 experienced people. For a while, I had to go out and find the right people. Now the right people understand what we’re doing, and they’re coming to us,’ said Estes.

Arrg! Who's That Pirate?

It’s Axis’ senior account exec, Michael Venn. Any resemblance to a certain actor is purely coincidental.

Lobstah Dinnah

What else would you serve at a sea-side function in Maine? Also on the menu: a steaming cup of chowdah.

The Band

How many VARs do you know with an in-house band? Axis has one! ’Johnny Wad and the Cash’ played an eclectic mix of hits -- from Johnny Cash to Poison -- to entertain guests at the after party at a York Beach bar, the Inn on the Blues.

Axis' Got Talent

That’s Axis’ VP of Technology Development Joe Paquet on drums and Eric Bakke of Technology Search Partners -- a staffing agency started by Axis to help clients with tech staffing needs -- on guitar and vocals.

Walk The Line

Axis is serious about pleasing its customers -- whether by grinding out the Johnny Cash tunes at its annual summit or by coming up with innovative solutions to meet their needs.

Eric Bakke, seen here at the mic, is managing partner at Technology Search Partners, a staffing solution that Axis designed in response to customer feedback.

’We take [feedback], we listen to it, and we shape what we’re going to do next. The staffing is a prime example of that. That started not because that might be a profitable area, but because our customers saw a need for that, and we wanted to meet the needs of our customers,’ said owner and president Peter Estes. ’And we’re obsessed with the customer service aspect of what we do. When you have everyone in your organization in that mindset, it works.’

The Boss

Bob Wassell, of Dell KACE, got up and wowed the crowd with his spot-on rendition of ’Thunder Road’ by Bruce Springsteen.

Axis’ Dell roots run deep. The company was one of 12 VARs partnering with Dell when it began its partner program, and is one of the largest Dell partners on the East Coast.

Dell acquired KACE in February of 2010, and Wassell was on hand to present the ins and outs of KACE systems management appliances to summit attendees.

It's The People

Axis’ has a best-of-breed philosophy to find and recruit the most qualified, like-minded technology professionals who will work to bring the right solutions to its clients, said Joe Paquet, VP of technology development.

’I think it’s easy in this industry to talk about bits and bytes and speeds and feeds, but what really sets us apart is our people. Maybe that sounds a little trivial, but as an organization -- from our engineers, to our sales people, to management to administration -- it’s all about our clients, and that permeates from our partners as well,’ Paquet said.

The View

Axis’ owner Peter Estes takes in the stunning views before heading out to play 18 holes with clients and partners.

Though Axis has grown year over year, and is projecting $30 million in sales this year, Estes said he holds true to the measured, pragmatic approach that brought him success.

’We don’t grow willy-nilly, we pay as we grow,’ he said. ’We’re not financing things in the hopes that we get some return on it. We grow smart and that’s the Yankee part of our business. We don’t do it on credit. We pay as we go.’