5 Questions On How To Build A Social Media Strategy, Answered

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2. Must I Hire A Dedicated Employee To Handle Social Media?

The answer is likely yes. “The more platforms you add, the more likely it is that you’ll need to hire somebody,” said White-Cabbell. “It’s a content hog. You need somebody to generate or curate content to put out in your social media channels.”

But that doesn’t have to be a first step, and you don’t have to hit every social media outlet from the get-go, she added. “Investigate your employees to find resources within your organization -- you don’t have to be everywhere at once.”

White-Cabbell said that many of Cisco’s solution providers opt to handle their social media efforts via an agency model, but she offered a word of caution: “You have to have someone from your company work with the agency. It’s your voice.”

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