CRN Interview: Whitman's Plans To Get HP Back On Track

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What types of decisions have you made since joining HP?

Every two weeks we do a call with our senior leaders to bring them up to speed on what's happening, which I think is incredibly helpful. … [And] we’ve settled our executive team -- a few people left, a couple of new people came in -- and I feel great about our leadership team.

Another thing we had to do was to make the PSG decision right away. Uncertainty was not our friend in the marketplace, particularly with our channel. We made that decision as fast as we could, which was about 35 days. We made a lot of people in our industry anxious over what we announced on Aug 18.

Then we had to get Autonomy integrated and up and running. It's easy for a big company to roll over a little company in an acquisition. HP is so huge that we could have overwhelmed them, so we tried to do a really smart job of setting that up. We also had to make the webOS decision. We had to set our budget for 2012. And we had to give Wall Street guidance for 2012.

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