2012 Channel Chiefs: My Greatest Teacher

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Matt Hutchinson

Director of Channel Marketing


I have had many mentors but the person who taught me the most about business is a fellow named Pat Delaney. He is an entrepreneur who has been extremely successful developing businesses and leveraging the channel. The greatest lesson he ever taught me was "Always focus on what rings the cash register. When you do that, you will focus on the right things and build a profitable business." He predicted the bubble bursting in 2000 -- way ahead of the analysts. He is now semi-retired but I have taken the above lesson and many others that he taught me and have applied that knowledge to building successful channel programs. At the end of the day a channel partner needs to be able to make money with your channel program. Moreover, the channel program cannot be burdensome. It should be a warm and pleasant experience full of new but effective approaches and tools. Pat has been a great influence on my business life and life in general.

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