2012 Channel Chiefs: My Greatest Teacher

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Allison Ash

VP of Worldwide Channel Sales

Guidance Software

Martin Luther King, Jr., with his vision and perseverance, is one of many individuals who has made a profound impact on my life. I believe in the core ideals behind his drive and obligation to the world (his customers, team and partners). He was the incredible change he wanted to see in the world! I often think about his tenacity and drive. What if he didn't have a dream and played it safe? How would our world be today if he wouldn’t have traveled over 6 million miles giving more than 2,500 speeches? Or if he thought he was too young (at only 39) to have an impact in his life? Martin Luther King, Jr. was diligent, focused and inspired. He had the perseverance and the strength to push through numerous challenges, adversity, discriminating opinion and he was able to accomplish amazing, lasting changes that impact all our lives even today.

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