7 Looming Tasks On HP CEO Meg Whitman's To-Do List

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Meg Whitman Addresses The Shareholders

Hewlett Packard CEO Meg Whitman fielded a wide range of questions this week in HP's annual shareholders meeting. She was asked about the company’s stance on human rights and retirement benefits, whether HP should open retail stores, and why it is getting outpaced by Apple. One shareholder even asked Whitman why it takes so long for HP to ship replacement printer parts.

Yet all of these issues pale in importance to HP's difficult financial situation, and the cost cutting and other steps HP will have to take before it can boost R&D investment and, the company hopes, start making products that cause people to camp outside stores overnight to get first crack at buying them.

Following are 10 snippets from HP's annual shareholders meeting that shine light on the challenges HP is facing, as well as how Whitman -- and her executive team -- intend to address them.

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