Microsoft WPC: 10 Issues Ballmer & Co. Must Address

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The Microsoft Evolution

It's been a busy few weeks for Microsoft: unveiling the Windows Surface tablets, buying social networking vendor Yammer for $1.2 billion, the announcement of Windows Phone 8. All this with Windows 8, the next generation of the company's flagship product, waiting in the wings.

But some of Microsoft's latest moves have raised questions among channel partners about just how they fit into the company's long-range vision. When Microsoft unveiled Surface, it said the tablet would be sold through retail with no mention of the channel. And Microsoft's expansion into cloud computing is leaving some longtime partners feeling unsure about their role going forward.

Some 15,000 are expected to attend the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto next week, and partners will be seeking answers to these and other questions. Here are 10 things we'd like to see Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer (left) and other Microsoft executives address at the event.


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