7 Habits of Highly Successful Fast Growth Solution Providers

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Majdi "Mike" Daher, Denali Advanced Integration

Two-year growth rate: 78 percent

I have the habit of collecting and validating information by asking three people about the information that I have. If each gives me the same or similar answer, then the information is 100 percent accurate, and I can easily make my decision. If two of them give me the same or similar answer, then the information I received is accurate but not as widely distributed, so we need to work on communication. If all three are not similar, then the information is inaccurate, and we need to not make a decision and work on getting the facts straight. I also have the habit of never making a decision when I’m happy or upset. And, I have the habit playing the "devil's advocate" once everyone agrees to a decision. If the team sticks with it and fights for it going forward, we make the decision.

Denali earned $157 million in 2011 revenue.

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