10 Top Election Tweets From Tech Executives

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The Twitterverse was abuzz surrounding the 2012 presidential election, with technology executives weighing in pre- and post-election. From Salesforce.com CEO Marc Benioff's non-partisan call to end the Red-Blue divisiveness to entrepreneur Mark Cuban's incisive post election analysis, here are our favorite 2012 election Tweets.

Marc Benioff - CEO, Salesforce.com

Salesforce.com Chairman and CEO Marc Benioff, who bundled contributions totaling some $617,780 for the re-election of President Barack Obama, took a nonpartisan post-election stand with this Twitter post: "We are not red states or blue states. We are the United States. Gd bless us and show us the way forward."

John Doerr - Technology Venture Capitalist

In a pre-election Tweet, Kleiner Perkins Caufied & Byers Partner John Doerr, a one time member of President Barack Obama's Jobs and Competitiveness Council, tweeted simply a likeness of President Obama and himself with the tagline: "I'm With Obama." Post-election, Doerr Tweeted: "You can make it here in America. Not about what can be done for us ... But by us."

Eric Schmidt - Executive Chairman, Google

Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt, who has 13 entries on the White House visitor's log during President Obama's first term, stayed away from a Twitter endorsement of President Obama. Instead, Schmidt urged Twitter followers: "Please vote today! And follow election on Google's election page."

Steve Westly - Cleantech Venture Capitalist

Cleantech Venture Capitalist Steve Westly, the founder of The Westly Group who bundled campaign contributions totaling $438,700 for President Barack Obama, responded to the president's election night victory with the tweet: "Forward!"

Terry McAuliffe - Chairman, GreenTech Automotive

GreenTech Automotive Chairman Terry McAuliffe, the former chairman of the Democratic National Committee who bundled campaign contributions totaling $581,050 for President Barack Obama, and was active on the campaign trail tweeting a photo of former President Bill Clinton and himself with the tagline: "In Roanoke w/ Pres Clinton supporting @BarackObama. Gotta keep Virginia BLUE!"

Mark Cuban - Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Mark Cuban, who started his impressive entrepreneurial streak as a technology solution provider, tweeted his no nonsense blog titled "The Irony of The Presidential Election." It's a must read for anyone that is interested in business and politics. The bottom line: Obama was able to put together a better ground game "business plan" than the "far better business people Republicans." To quote Mr. Cuban: "Oh the irony."

Chris Hertz - CEO, New Signature

Chris Hertz, the CEO of New Signature, one of the fastest growing technology solution providers in the country, tweeted this missive with a link to the Maryland ballot Question 6 election results: "So proud to live in #Maryland where we just passed #question6 and made a commitment to civil rights."

Peter Belyea - President, CXtec

Peter Belyea, the president of CXtec, a Syracuse, N.Y., solution provider, urged his Twitter followers to vote with the rallying cry: "If you haven't done it do your civic duty and #Vote!" Then, referring to the $2 billion the two presidential candidates spent on the campaign, he retweeted the post: "And just think they spent close to $2 billion to end where we started!"

John Convery - Executive Vice President, Denali

John Convery, the executive vice president of Denali Advanced Integration, the Redmond, Wash., solution provider that was No. 118 on the CRN 2012 SP500 list, tweeted: "Proud Moment - My wife and I voted today by absentee ballot in the State of Washington. I encourage all my contacts and all Americans to Vote."

Bryan Beal - Director of Cloud Computing, Juniper

Juniper Director of Cloud Computing Center Bryan Beal tweeted this missive following the election: "Regardless of your politics, one thing we can agree on is that the pundits who were CERTAIN Romney was going to win lost all credibility."