5 Companies That Came To Win This Week

For the week ending Jan. 23, CRN takes a look at the companies that brought their 'A' game to the channel.

Cloud Confusion? Tackling 7 Financing Challenges Head On

Solution providers that haven't done their homework are in danger of running headlong into trouble and out of business if they don't fully consider the dollars and cents of the new IT.

10 Major New Features Of Windows 10

The CRN Test Center looks at 10 major new features of Microsoft's new Windows 10 OS.

15 Scenes From Microsoft's Action-Packed Windows 10 Consumer Event

Microsoft unveiled the latest Windows 10 features and functionality Wednesday, and CRN was on hand to see the new updates up close. Here are 15 scenes from the launch event.

10 Cloud Predictions For 2015

The tech world is currently experiencing a number of major disruptions revolving around cloud computing. With that said, here are CRN's top 10 cloud predictions for 2015.

Google Reveals Its 10 'Need-To-Know' Technology Partners

One of the Google Cloud Platform's strengths is a rapidly expanding ecosystem of technology partners working alongside the company to integrate features and functionality.

8 Unique Features Of The Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro

Lenovo's latest Android tablet, the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro, packs more than just an increase in gigahertz and megapixels.

Windows 10 Launch: Partners Offer Mixed Perspectives

Microsoft will unveil Windows 10 on Wednesday. Ahead of the major OS launch, partners and analysts are giving mixed reviews of the pending upgrade.

Top 10 Security Vendors To Watch In 2015

CRN is keeping a close eye on these security companies for 2015. Find out why.

The Best And Worst Technology Company Stocks In 2014

There were many winners -- and some big losers -- among technology vendor stocks in 2014. Take a look at who was up and who was down.

HP Product Blitz: Microsoft Surface Competitor, Android Tablets And More

HP delivers a commercial mobility product blitz Tuesday with an innovative Surface competitor; the company's first Android-based business tablets; and specialized health-care, education and field service devices.

Gartner: U.S. PC Shipment Grows 13 Percent In 4Q

A study released by market research firm Gartner states the U.S. PC shipment market grew by 13 percent in the fourth quarter. CRN looks at the top five key companies in the U.S. market.

Apps Of The Week: 5 Free Ways To Improve Productivity

From the CRN Test Center: Better ways to process email, capture documents, secure devices, edit images and make free calls.

5 Companies That Had A Rough Week

For the week ending Jan. 16, CRN looks at IT companies that were unfortunate, unsuccessful or just didn't make good decisions.

10 Things To Know About Gartner's 2015 IT Spending Outlook

IT spending in 2015 is expected to grow 2.4 percent to $3.83 billion, with commodification in the smartphone market and cloud competition in the data center and software markets holding prices down.

5 Companies That Came To Win This Week

For the week ending Jan. 16, CRN takes a look at the companies that brought their 'A' game to the channel.

By The Numbers: Cisco, HP Take Big Leads In Cloud Infrastructure Equipment

Cisco and HP are the big winners when it comes to sales of hardware and software used to build cloud infrastructures, while IBM's part of the business quickly shrinks, according to a new study.

CES 2015: 10 Cool Home Automation Platforms And Gadgets

CES 2015 had a slew of new home automation devices and platforms that are laying the groundwork for houses of the future.

5 Reasons Samsung Would Make A Buyout Offer To BlackBerry

While BlackBerry refuted media reports that it was approached by Samsung with a $7.5 billion buyout offer, many industry analysts called the move plausible. CRN looks at five major reasons why.

Top 10 Apple Stories Of 2014

It was another huge year for technology giant Apple, as new partnerships, products and acquisitions stole the headlines. Here are the top 10 Apple stories of 2014.

Follow The Money: 10 Recent Tech VC Investments In December

Startups were at the top of their game as 2014 came to a close, landing millions -- and sometimes even billions -- in tech VC funding. Take a look at 10 startups that stood out.

Q&A: Synnex CEO Talks Customer Care Business, HP Split, IoT And More

Synnex CEO Kevin Murai spoke with CRN on what partners can expect from the HP split and the distributor's new Customer Care business.

Cisco Enterprise VP: 4 Major Networking Trends For 2015

Chris Spain, vice president of Cisco's Enterprise Infrastructure and Solutions Group, talks to CRN about what he sees as the four biggest networking trends.

Top 20 Weirdest Sights At CES 2015

Human hamster wheel, wearable "selfie" drones and the world's biggest telepresence robot are just some of the odd things CRN spotted at CES last week.

10 Software Predictions For 2015

CRN looks through the crystal ball and offers 10 predictions for the software industry for 2015.