10 Reasons A Recruiting Service Is Key To Finding Top IT Talent

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Wasted Hours

When you post an ad online, you end up wasting a tremendous amount of both time and resource. "We find having a recruiting partner helpful as they can sift through thousands of resumes and send you strong candidates one at a time until you find a fit," Xerillion's Chapin said.

"Ninety-five percent of respondents aren't applicable, leaving 5 percent," VAR Staffing's Bier said. "The time investment it takes for the office manager or the HR manager or the owner of the VAR to sift through the wrong resumes is remarkable. Even if they are able to sift through those resumes, they're going to get reactive candidates as opposed to proactive candidates," he said. "A reactive candidate is someone who replies to an ad. If someone replies to an ad, oftentimes there's a reason why they're not doing well at their current employer's. ... You can't just sit back and hope [the right] person replies to your job posting. You need to be proactive in your search for impact players," Bier said.


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