SP500: Predictions For 2013

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Rick Chernick


Camera Corner/Connecting Point (No. 293)

We predict an explosion in AV (audio visual) business -- yes, AV IT. No longer is your typical AV reseller surviving without IT expertise, and we have both. It's like the analog phone resellers who didn't have IT engineers to associate with VOIP products and we did. You must adapt and be ready for the ongoing change. Value add has never meant so much to customers. Selling product but not understanding how it all works together is like the plumber not knowing how to connect the sewer pipe; you are all of a sudden up to your knees. We take great pride in being able to find the right technology moving forward whether it's in VoIP, AV, IT or cloud services. The vendors we trust have some great products, and we are excited to sell them for them. We are ready for the technology cliff -- bring it on.

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