Emerging Tech Trends Show Major IT 'Skills Gaps'

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Big Business In Business Analytics

With the need to streamline business processes and cut costs, business analytics has been on the rise. And, according to the survey, Spain led with 74 percent of respondents reporting that their organizations have adopted business analytics, followed by South Africa with 67 percent, Brazil with 63 percent, Russia at 62 and the U.S. with 58 percent.

However, security still weighs heavily on most organization's minds, with the report naming it the second most-noted barrier when it comes to adopting business analytics. "Even in business analytics, where data typically stays inside an organization's firewall, securing and controlling access to data still places as the number-two barrier to adoption," the report said.

As such, a number of respondents reported having moderate to major skills gaps within business analytics, with Japan leading at 76 percent, China at 74 percent, France at 68 percent, Germany with 64 percent and the U.S. with 62 percent. At 19 percent, Brazil felt the most confident in its business analytics skills.

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