The 25 Biggest Tech Companies On The Fortune 500

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11. Google

Fortune 500 Rank: No. 55

Revenue: $52.2 billion

Top Executive: CEO Larry Page

With its outsized influence in the IT industry, it may come as a surprise that Mountain View, Calif.-based Google doesn't even crack the top 50 of U.S. companies. But with this year's ranking representing a significant gain from No. 73 in 2012, it's a good bet that won't be the case next year.

What could stop the Google juggernaut? Consumers and government regulators remain concerned about the company's increasingly powerful position, possibly bringing on the kind of anti-regulatory scrutiny that Microsoft attracted in the 1990s, and AT&T and IBM in the 1970s and 1980s. Or, it could lose its way by focusing on such projects as Google Glasses and self-driving cars.

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