The 25 Biggest Tech Companies On The Fortune 500

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6. Microsoft

Fortune 500 Rank: No. 35

Revenue: $73.7 billion

Top Executive: CEO Steve Ballmer

The way everyone has been beating up on Redmond, Wash.-based Microsoft lately, you'd think the biggest software company on the Fortune 500 was going out of business. Instead it managed to move up two spots from No. 37 last year. But there's no arguing Microsoft is at a critical point in its history. In the 1990s, it was arguably the most powerful IT company, period. But, it's fallen behind the times. The company's Windows operating system and Office applications remain cash cows, but their relevance is diminished by the megatrends of cloud computing and mobile computing where the company is not so dominant -- if not an outright laggard.

Can the company re-invent itself as a services and device company as CEO Steve Ballmer envisions? Or will "No. 35" mark the company's Fortune 500 high-water mark?

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