Power 100: The Most Powerful Women Of The Channel 2013 (Part 2)

The Power 100

This year, CRN honored 295 Women of the Channel whose expertise and vision are deserving of recognition. The following exceptional 100 executives were chosen by CRN to its annual Power 100 list. We are proud to honor their achievements.

Here's a look at Part 2 of our list. For more, see Part 1 of our Power 100 list or check out the full listing of the 2013 Women of the Channel.

Sharon Alt, Intel

Director, North American Channels and Distribution, Intel Americas

Years in channel: 20

Years in position: 3

Highlights of the past year: Alt helped create the Ultrabook category and enabled Intel's solution providers to grow their business with Ultrabook devices and services sales. She also expanded Intel's Technology Provider program to reward and engage branded reseller types of solution providers.

Goals: Alt wants to build strong organizations and lead teams through change. She also wants to help young women around the world have access to education and the technology tools they need to gain knowledge, new ideas, and become leaders in their own environments.

Donna Grothjan, Juniper Networks

Vice President Worldwide Distribution

Years in channel: 20

Years in position: 2

Highlights of the past year: Grothjan developed and launched Juniper's Distributor Advantage Program, enabling distributors to drive more unassisted revenue by increasing investments, resources and support with key market access distributors.

Goals: Grothjan's career aspirations are simple. She wants to continue to be challenged in her role so that she can continue to learn. She loves what she is doing today and she really enjoys the people she works with.

Luanne Tierney, Juniper Networks

Vice President, Worldwide Partner Marketing

Years in channel: 21

Years in position: 2

Highlights of the past year: Tierney helped Juniper partners use new techniques with their marketing efforts to grow their business. For example, using the latest social media platforms to help partners get involved in social selling.

Goals: Tierney strives to be one of the most engaging marketing leaders on the planet.

Liz Lederer, Kaseya

SVP Global Field Market- Channel Program/Sales

Years in channel: 15

Years in position: 2

Highlights of the past year: 2012 was the year Kaseya built the infrastructure to help partners in a more organized and phased approach. This structure helps partners understand the level of commitment and time to value, which has allowed Lederer's company to double its partner base in the first quarter of 2013 and track revenue, referrals and deal registration.

Goals: Lederer is excited to continue in the technology field. She's a big process person and just loves sales. Putting the field marketing and channel programs together gives her great pleasure and the opportunity to enjoy both sides.

Lisa Dreher, Logicalis US

VP Marketing & Business Development

Years in channel: 23

Years in position: 8

Highlights of the past year: Dreher and Logicalis realized growth of over 300 percent year over year with Logicalis Cloud and drove an average of 36 percent conversion to revenue rate.

Goals: Dreher wants to create a meaningful impact on both Logicalis’ success as well as the success of the individual team members she works with. She wants to develop a seamless relationship between co-workers, clients and vendors in which everyone's contribution is a valued part of the solution.

Lisa Matherly, McAfee

Vice President Worldwide Partner Programs and Marketing

Years in channel: 13

Years in position: 1

Highlights of the past year: Matherly was promoted to an expanded role and helped launch the new McAfee Partner Portal, taking eight different sites and combining them into one integrated experience with a single sign-on.

Goals: Matherly aspires to make a difference. She hopes that when people look back at what she accomplished they will say, "Lisa made a positive, valuable and lasting impact." But most importantly, she wants to achieve her aspiration while living her values – integrity, family, recognition and involvement – that everyone has an opportunity to actively participate and is recognized for the value they bring.

Cindy Bates, Microsoft

Vice President of SMB and Distribution

Years in channel: 18

Years in position: 3

Highlights of the past year: One of the most significant initiatives Bates helped drive was the launch of Office 365 Open, which in direct response to partner feedback and requests, provides them with more choice in how they sell Microsoft cloud services, including customer billing to complement the Advisor program.

Goals: Bates loves her job. She gets to work with an amazing team guided by a great mission: to help millions of U.S. SMBs start, grow and thrive by leveraging today's powerful and affordable technologies and working with the many thousands of partners who as trusted advisers bring that technology to life. Hearing success stories about SMB customers and partners who they've helped inspires her each day.

Jenni Flinders, Microsoft

U.S. Vice President of Partner Strategy and Programs

Years in channel: 23

Years in position: 9

Highlights of the past year: Flinders made huge strides in expanding the adoption and capabilities of cloud technologies for partners and customers. By continuing to grow Microsoft's competencies and evolving the role of Learning Partners, Microsoft has been developing an environment for more partner-to-partner integration. These revamped initiatives are better enabling partners to respond to the changing needs of their customers, while ensuring their employees have the most updated training in the industry.

Goals: Flinders will continue to drive innovation in business and ensure that everyone is poised to be successful. It is through these that she will measure her success in the future.

Julie Bennani, Microsoft

General Manager – Microsoft Partner Network

Years in channel: 17

Years in position: 6

Highlights of the past year: Bennani continued innovation of the Microsoft Partner Network to help connect partners to the vast opportunities around management and virtualization, communications, BI/data and cloud.

Goals: Bennani is very interested in further supporting Microsoft via ownership of a businesswithin the company in alignment with its future direction and success. She loves multi-disciplinary accountabilities and pulling them together against concrete business goals and audiences with impact.

Juliann Larimer, Motorola Solutions

Vice President Channels & Sales Operations

Years in channel: 6

Years in position: 1

Highlights of the past year: Larimer enhanced Motorola's deal registration program with the intent of driving more activity in non-named accounts. Driven by her channel sales team, this investment has given partners the ability to confidently invest in non-named accounts. The result from this new initiative was a tenfold increase in revenue over the course of 2012.

Goals: Larimer aims to create, capture and deliver real value to any organization that she is a part of.

Carolyn Crandall, Nimble Storage

Vice President of Corporate Marketing and Field Marketing

Years in channel: 0

Years in position: 25

Highlights of the past year: Crandall joined Nimble Storage this past year to lead corporate and field marketing. Nimble experienced annual sales growth of over 400 percent with 95 percent sold through the channel. During her most recent experience as the VP of worldwide marketing at Riverbed, she led the marketing organization and was responsible for setting the vision for how the company goes to market.

Goals: Driving awareness and engagement for high-growth technology companies is what Crandall aspires to do. She wants to be fulfilled with her accomplishments and have her signature clearly imprinted on work that has an impact.

Janis Baldwin, Nth Generation


Years in channel: 10

Years in position: 2

Highlights of the past year: Baldwin established and enhanced new practice areas, including Security, Mobility, BYOD, Virtualization and Unified Communications. Nth Generation was named HP's Top Storage Partner in the West this past year and was the first in the world to sell HP's new 3PAR 7000.

Goals: Baldwin's goal is to dramatically grow her company's market share in Southern California with a new, multi-channel marketing strategy that includes executive roundtables, in-bound marketing and educational briefings.

Jane Linder, NWN Corporation

Managing Director /CMO

Years in channel: 4

Years in position: 4

Highlights of the past year: Linder's Core Products and Services team grew sales of products and services substantially. Her Managed Services team launched a Cisco-based Hosted Collaboration service that enables midmarket and public sector clients to have a unified communications system designed just for them and managed round the clock by NWN professionals.

Goals: Linder would like to coach and develop the NWN Marketing team so that everyone develops a stronger skill set and deeper understanding of how marketing contributes to NWN's success.

Lydia Smyers, Oracle

Group Vice President Worldwide A&C and Communications

Years in channel: 10

Years in position: 6

Highlights of the past year: Smyers was heavily involved in many Oracle projects, including the Exastack program, the Oracle Cloud partner program and the Fusion Application partner enablement programs. She also launched OPN Exchange, a new partner experience at Oracle's annual OpenWorld.

Goals: Every day, Smyers seeks to assure she's adding value to her management, her staff, her colleagues, and Oracle's stakeholders –especially partners.

Penny Philpot, Oracle

Group Vice President

Years in channel: 26

Years in position: 5

Highlights of the past year: Philpot grew Oracle's worldwide partner base by 20 percent and increased the competency of the partner base by 80 percent.

Goals: Philpot have been with Oracle over 18 years and worked her way from the ground up. She is not finished yet.

Jillian Mansolf, Overland Storage

Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing

Years in channel: 17

Years in position: 4

Highlights of the past year: In the past year, the number of registered partners participating in Overland's FastTrack partner program has tripled in size to 4,600 worldwide. Overland also introduced lead generation and lead sharing programs, as well as an initiative to make global strategic end-user account sales teams available to premiere partners.

Goals: The most fulfilling aspect of Mansolf's profession is working with the people in her organization and being able to mentor, guide and positively influence the people on her team. She thrives on the ability to help create a fast-paced, fair and inspiring environment that encourages professional and personal growth for her team. She couldn't ask for a better career.

Sheila O'Neil, Panasonic System Communications Company of North America

Vice President, Channel Management

Years in channel: 21

Years in position: 6

Highlights of the past year: In April, O'Neil consolidated nine different product categories under one B2B company, Panasonic System Communications Company. Resellers now have one contact for the entire company, streamlining the process of doing business.

Goals: O'Neil strives for a goal of global channel management.

Patricia Gallup, PC Connection, Inc.

Chief Administrative Officer

Years in channel: 31

Years in position: 31

Highlights of the past year: PC Connection, Inc. finished the year with record annual sales and the highest annual gross margin since its IPO in 1998. Supporting this goal, Gallup made targeted improvements to her company's cloud-based offerings, including recruiting additional in-house talent, strengthening partnerships with industry-leading suppliers and developing a wide range of cloud solutions to satisfy a more diverse customer base.

Goals: N/A

Kathy Henely, Perficient, Inc.


Years in channel: 13

Years in position: 4

Highlights of the past year: Perficient was able to drive organic growth while also successfully integrating three acquisitions, adding more than $46 million in revenues and nearly 300 consulting, technology, sales and support professionals. Henely led the development and rollout of a new organization model to support continued growth.

Goals: Henely wants to be remembered as someone who both helped and inspired others to maximize their potential.

Kandyce Tripp, Polycom

Senior Director Worldwide Channel Operations

Years in channel: 6

Years in position: 3

Highlights of the past year: Tripp managed a channel operations team focused on automating internal processes and integrating disparate and new partner systems designed to better enable channel business managers to track, manage and support Polycom partners globally. Over the past year, her team was dedicated to enhancing Polycom's deal registration system, partner recruitment processes and global enablement programs.

Goals: Tripp aims to manage a global organization with an increasing span of authority from a functional and strategic perspective. She also wants to serve on a board of directors and continue to contribute to the community through participation in philanthropic organizations.

Kimberly King, Progress Software

VP of Global Channels and Partners

Years in channel: 19

Years in position: 1

Highlights of the past year: King has taken a program and helped to reinvent it from the ground up. She invested in re-training the people that matter most to partners, the partner account managers. Additionally, she launched Progress Software's inaugural Partner Advisory Council to ensure open communication and partner collaboration.

Goals: King wants to continue to develop her channel strategy and programs acumen and role. She is passionate about defining strategic direction aligned with company goals and developing and implementing partner programs to improve ease of doing business.

Michelle Graff, Pure Storage

Director of Worldwide Channel Marketing and Partner Programs

Years in channel: 15

Years in position: 1

Highlights of the past year: Graff joined Pure Storage as director of worldwide channel marketing and partner programs in the second half of 2012. Since then, she has designed and launched the second version of P3, Pure's global partner program. Under Graff's leadership, P3 introduced a tiered value-add program, which accelerates partner profitability, demand generation and expands business and services opportunities for partners.

Goals: Graff says it doesn't get any better than building out the channel program for one of the world's most innovative and high-growth technology start-ups. She's excited to be part of the team that is leading the next major evolution in enterprise IT.

Victoria Zona, Raritan Inc.

Channel Sales Director

Years in channel: 22

Years in position: 14

Highlights of the past year: Zona made changes to Raritan's co-marketing programs so that the company could be more responsive to a changing marketplace and be able to provide customized programs to support additional types of reseller partner customer segments and focuses. She worked with key partners individually to maximize the planning, selling, training and market-demand generation activities, instead of having a one-size-fits-all marketing offering.

Goals: If Zona had to change jobs she would look to go to either a larger company where she would have more ability to move around laterally or vertically, or move to a newer company looking to get into the channel and help them build a best-in-class channel program like she was able to do at Raritan.

Michele Hayes, Riverbed

Senior Director, Global Channel Programs and Strategy

Years in channel: 19

Years in position: 1

Highlights of the past year: Riverbed has made significant investment and enhancements with enablement and incentives this past year. Hayes revamped the Learning Management system to provide exceptional online training, and created Technology Authorization Paths to reward partners who make an investment in specific product technologies. Riverbed also launched new rebate programs to reward partners based on their growth, as well as target account penetration.

Goals: Hayes would like to run a global organization that changes the way channel businesses go-to-market with their solutions, leveraging social media, collaboration, and consumer marketing.

Selina Lo, Ruckus Wireless


Years in channel: 9

Years in position: 7

Highlights of the past year: Lo's biggest accomplishment over the past year was undoubtedly taking the company public in November 2012. Since its debut on the NYSE, Ruckus' stock price has nearly doubled. Ruckus' channel program has continued to grow at an exponential rate, and the company now has more than 6,000 reseller partners worldwide.

Goals: Lo's earlier aspiration was to take Ruckus public, which she did late in 2012. Her next goal remains turning Ruckus into a formidable market leader - among carriers and enterprises -- that's uniquely addressing the growing need for high-capacity, high-performance Wi-Fi.

Laurie Usewicz, SafeNet

Vice President, Channels

Years in channel: 17

Years in position: 1

Highlights of the past year: The biggest highlight for Usewicz was being presented the opportunity to join SafeNet to run channels. What excites her is the inherent opportunity SafeNet has to leverage the channel in a meaningful way.

Goals: Usewicz is excited at the opportunity she has at SafeNet to further her international channel experience. She wants to be more engaged in both the APAC and EMEA markets and says executing a consistent global channel program is exciting.

Jennifer Warawa, Sage North America

Vice President, Partner Programs and Channel Sales

Years in channel: 5

Years in position: 2

Highlights of the past year: For Sage, the last year has been about transformation. Its brand transition from a house of brands to a branded house was a major undertaking and guiding the channel through that was not a small endeavor. In order to effectively transform the own brand and bring partners along, Warawa's focus was on communication and ensuring partners had the right tools, resources and support to be successful.

Goals: Warawa aspires to continue to take on projects and opportunities that allow her to make a difference and change the lives of people in business. She says she's fortunate to work for a company that allows her to make a difference every day.

Leyla Seka, salesforce.com

Vice President, AppExchange and Partner Operations

Years in channel: 5

Years in position: 1

Highlights of the past year: 2012 included several important innovations, but perhaps the most important and far-reaching were the developments of Salesforce Touch and Identity. Salesforce Touch enables partners to build incredibly extensible apps that include social and mobile far easier than if they had to build these components on their own.

Goals: Seka's career is built around inspiring those around her to do the best work possible. However, there's a special place in her heart for guiding the women at salesforce.com. She was one of the group of women at salesforce.com that originally inspired the idea behind FemmeForce, a group dedicated to female empowerment and showcasing the many innovative and talented women working at salesforce.com.

Susan Reynolds, SAP

Vice President, Global Channel Strategy and Program Management, Global Indirect Channels, Ecosystems and Channels

Years in channel: 15

Years in position: 1

Highlights of the past year: For the early part of the year, Reynolds continued to lead HP's Americas Managed Print Services channel efforts. After leaving HP, she joined SAP to drive and define key elements of the Global Indirect Channel growth strategy.

Goals: Reynolds' career aspirations have not changed over the years. She aspires to earn the respect of her peers in the industry, to drive successful strategies that move the business forward and make a positive difference to customers, and to provide meaningful mentorship to others.

Shannon Sbar, Schneider Electric

Vice President, Channels, North America

Years in channel: 16

Years in position: 3

Highlights of the past year: This year was incredibly productive and active for Sbar and her channel program, capped off with Schneider Electric's selection as a Channel Champion for the 20th year, a feat that has not been accomplished by any other channel program.

Goals: Sbar wants to be seen as a leader and role model for all women, especially those who have career aspirations in the channel.

Alison Ryan, SGI

Vice President, Global Channel Sales

Years in channel: 8

Years in position: 8

Highlights of the past year: Ryan helped develop self-service marketing at SGI, including newsletters, marketing campaigns and Web banners. 2012 was also the fourth year SGI was named a 5-Star Partner Program by CRN.

Goals: Ultimately, Ryan aspires to run a firm providing technical architecture services to enterprise clients.

Thai Lee, SHI International Corp.

President & CEO

Years in channel: 24

Years in position: 24

Highlights of the past year: SHI won the Microsoft Operational Excellence award for the ninth consecutive year (11th time overall), won the Symantec National Partner of the Year award for the second consecutive year, was the only Dell partner to win two Partner of the Year Awards at Dell World 2012 (Healthcare and Direct Marketer Partner of the Year), received VMware's SMB and Renewals Partner of the Year awards, ranked 18th on CRN's 2012 Solution Provider 500 and was named to CRN's 2012 Tech Elite 250. Lee also received the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award for showing success in innovation, financial performance and personal commitment to her business and communities.

Goals: Lee strives to provide a very strong foundation upon which SHI will continue to thrive for decades to come.

Dane Moorefield, Siemens PLM Software

Director, Global Partner Marketing

Years in channel: 17

Years in position: 8

Highlights of the past year: Moorefield completed redesign and relaunch of Siemens' partner portal. She also deployed second phase of partner marketing training and social media training.

Goals: Moorefield aspires to make her career count. Each day, she strives to positively affect the lives of her channel partners. Through process improvements, communication, marketing resources, and sales tools, her goal is to help her partners grow their businesses.

Marjorie Wermuth, Sirius Computer Solutions

Vice President, Client Asset Management

Years in channel: 20

Years in position: 15

Highlights of the past year: Wermuth is the brand owner at Sirius for all annuity based revenues, including all hardware maintenance and software renewals. Sirius had a record breaking year with IBM in 2012, posting back-to-back record breaking quarters for IBM maintenance revenue for all partners in North America. Sirius became the first IBM Partner in North America approved for the IBM Technical Support Services Sales Leadership Initiative.

Goals: Wermuth wishes to continue to grow within the Sirius organization and expand relationships with key manufacturers as well broaden as her knowledge base.

Kendra Krause, Sophos

Vice President of Channel Sales, Americas

Years in channel: 15

Years in position: 1

Highlights of the past year: In her previous role at Fortinet, Krause was involved in signing more than 800 VARs in 2012 and achieved 23 percent year-over-year growth.

Goals: Krause believes in the strength and power of the channel and will always run sales organizations that are 100 percent channel. She wants to continue to learn how to enable and empower the channel within the ever-changing and growing technology industry.

Emmanuelle Skala, Sophos

Vice President of Global Channel and Sales Operations

Years in channel: 4

Years in position: 2

Highlights of the past year: Skala drove the implementation of a revised worldwide partner program to drive more partnerships with VARs. As part of the program, she created a new track for solution partners and implemented a brand new certification and training program that certified more than 3,000 people in the last six months, with well over 100 different courses offered.

Goals: Skala prides herself on two particularly remarkable accomplishments from her career: She was the only female sales executive at her last three companies and she has been promoted three times at Sophos during her four years with the company. With that experience, she aspires to be CEO.

Tricia Atchison, Symantec Corp.

Senior Director, Channel Marketing Americas

Years in channel: 19

Years in position: 8

Highlights of the past year: In January, Atchison launched SymNation, a partner community platform that rewards partners for their Symantec sales and engagement.

Goals: Atchison would like to continue to grow as a leader within the channel community and continue working in a capacity that allows her to interact with partners and work closely with sales to shape Symantec's channel marketing programs and incentives.

Sue Smith, Symantec Corp.

Director of Partner Programs

Years in channel: 22

Years in position: 6

Highlights of the past year: Symantec introduced the Margin Builder program last year, which enables Symantec Partners to earn additional up-front margin. Additionally, Symantec unveiled the Mobility Solution Specialization, which gives partners the opportunity to differentiate themselves from other solutions providers, earn incentives and maximize profitability by leveraging the rapidly growing market need for mobile management tools.

Goals: Smith continuously aspires to do whatever it takes to broaden her experience and challenge herself. To achieve this, she looks for the next project or role that will add to her overall career growth.

Mary Ellen Grom, SYNNEX Corporation

Vice President, U.S. Marketing

Years in channel: 18

Years in position: 2

Highlights of the past year: Grom launched a comprehensive annual Marketing Planning Guide for vendors at the Synnex Vendor Executive Summit. She also developed PromoCentral, a one-stop mobile application that puts a universe of promotions, SKUs, and channel programs on reseller mobile devices and desktops.

Goals: Grom strives to deliver smart channel marketing, strengthen her curiosity for doing new things, achieve profitable growth and build future success on the idea that service, not the sale, creates customers for life.

Jackie Baron, Tech Data Corporation

Director, Credit Operations and TDCustomerCare

Years in channel: 20

Years in position: 5

Highlights of the past year: Baron is most proud of the customer service experience that she's worked hard to better over the past year at Tech Data. This included the creation of online training initiatives and custom education curriculum for each department within Tech Data.

Goals: Baron wants to continue to expand her role in the area of Customer Experience at Tech Data. While all companies realize the importance of customers, there must be someone enforcing just how vital they are.

Georgia Vasilion, Technology Integration Group

Vice President, Public Sector

Years in channel: 11

Years in position: 3

Highlights of the past year: Vasilion has brought many new facets to the public sector division for TIG. She has well rounded knowledge of many divisions within the channel. She works well with large and small VARs and leads the way in many responses for new business.

Goals: In regards to her public sector team that Vasilion leads very effectively, she would love for all of them to move up further.

Kim Girards, The Ergonomic Group

President, CEO

Years in channel: 29

Years in position: 29

Highlights of the past year: Last year, The Ergonomic Group saw future growth and expansion around its Mobility Practice, which led the company to expand services and capabilities around cloud solutions.

Goals: Girards comes from a long line of family-owned businesses that have grown successfully due to the hard work of dedicated professionals. As time progresses, she would like to extend the path of career opportunities to her children and to those who have helped The Ergonomic Group achieve great success through the years.

Janet Schijns, Verizon

Vice President, Medium Business and Channels

Years in channel: 13

Years in position: 1

Highlights of the past year: Schijns developed and launched the Verizon Partner Program, combining all of Verizon's B2B channel programs across cloud, network, mobility and M2M into one simple to use, tiered, partner first channel program. She also won Women of M2M Award, Top Women in Channels, and was re-elected to the CompTIA board.

Goals: As mobility and cloud intersect and drive record innovation, Schijns would like to continue to expand her role to ensure she maximizes Verizon's assets and deliver growth and results to customers. Long-term, she can see herself returning to the sales channel back in the field and continuing her life-long-love of sales.

Colleen Browne, ViewSonic

Director North American Sales, Reseller and Enterprise

Years in channel: 14

Years in position: 4

Highlights of the past year: Browne set out in 2012 to increase ViewSonic's reseller base, and she was successful in reaching this goal. She did so through initiatives that included participation in more reseller-specific trade shows, a re-launch of the Finch Club reseller portal and a concerted communications initiative from webcasts, webinars and marketing communications.

Goals: Browne aims to be in a role that constantly challenges her creatively. She wants to inspire and be inspired, as she is today, by a team of sales professionals.

Carolyn Cox, VMware Inc.

Senior Director, Global Partner Programs Marketing, VMware

Years in channel: 17

Years in position: 3

Highlights of the past year: This past year VMware was able to deliver some innovative programs that impacted partners across all marketing functions. Specifically, this included an outcome-based marketing program, the Social Media Syndication platform (where they push content) and paid search for partners.

Goals: Cox really enjoys the channel as it affords a complexity that continues to challenge her. She is doing what she loves.

Colleen Kapase, VMware Inc.

Senior Director of Global Partner Readiness

Years in channel: 15

Years in position: 1

Highlights of the past year: At this year's VMware Partner Exchange, Kapase and the Global Partner Programs team launched the Restructured Partner Learning Path, aligning the individual's sales and tech trading with the partner's ability to earn a competency with the organization. The team also trained more than 200,000 partner individuals on sales and technology, and continued to align partner incentives to award companies who invest heavily in training.

Goals: Kapase would like to lead a world-class partner organization, working closely with partners to enhance their profitability.

Lynn Smurthwaite-Murphy, Westcon Group

Senior Vice President, North America

Years in channel: 26

Years in position: 3

Highlights of the past year: Smurthwaite-Murphy was directly responsible for streamlining and restructuring the North American organization, positioning Westcon for increased channel penetration in 2013. She championed numerous employee development initiatives, including the company’s first mentor program.

Goals: Smurthwaite-Murphy is driven by a passion for her work. Given Westcon’s employee culture and value proposition as a value-added specialty distributor, the company is a perfect fit to achieve her aspirations. Additionally, she has been actively involved in multiple board leadership positions and looks forward to doing more of this moving forward.

Susan Penevolpe, WTG

Vice President, Sales

Years in channel: 10

Years in position: 1

Highlights of the past year: Penevolpe made the long awaited transition from the service provider world to the agent side. Having spent 25 years in sales starting with technical/computer equipment sales for a distributor, to telecommunications in a variety of roles, she now gets to share her experience with a new generation that was born in the technical age.

Goals: Penevolpe strives to facilitate and support the shift from selling technology to leveraging solutions to solve business challenges for companies.

Toni Clayton-Hine, Xerox Corportation

Vice President, Global Marketing & Value Proposition, Channel Partner Operations

Years in channel: 18

Years in position: 0

Highlights of the past year: Clayton-Hine recently moved to Xerox from CA Technologies, where she ran Global Partner Marketing. Her focus at CA Technologies last year was to enhance the CA Global Partner Program by developing offerings, programs, engagement strategies and tactics tailored to different partner business models based on their expertise and go to market strategy.

Goals: Clayton-Hine wants to make a difference and have fun doing it.

Susie Galyardt, XIOSS

Founder & CEO

Years in channel: 5

Years in position: 5

Highlights of the past year: XIOSS was named No. 1 on CRN's Fastest Growth list of Solution Providers with growth of over 3,000 percent. XIOSS was nominated for the Greater Women's Business Council highest revenue Trailblazer Award and was re-certified as a Woman Business Enterprise by WBENC.

Goals: Galyardt's career aspirations are to grow XIOSS to at least a half-billion-dollar company by providing world-class professional services and technical resources around hardware/software solutions and to launch XIOSS's own proprietary software into the marketplace in order to better service customers in both capacity planning and performance.

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