Follow the Money: 10 Recent Tech VC Investments To Watch In August

August Roundup

The August collection of tech venture capital investments showed a wide variety of cloud technology, security, hardware and big data companies. Here's a look at 10 firms that received funding and August and what they plan to do with the investments as they continue to innovate and discover new technology solutions.


Headquarters: San Francisco
CEO: Robin Purohit
New Funding: $10 million
Round: D
Backers: HighBar Partners

Clustrix creates a scalable SQL database for the cloud that can be run as an appliance or through Amazon Web Services (AWS). The new funding brings the company's total raised capital to $56.5 million after the fourth round of funding. The latest round of funding will be used to expand the company's customer base as well as continued product developments, according to a company statement. Previous investors in the company include Sequoia Capital, U.S. Venture Partners, ATA Ventures and Don Listwin, founder of Canary Foundation and a former executive at Cisco as well as former CEO of OpenWave.

GridGain Systems

Headquarters: Foster City, Calif.
CEO: Nikita Ivanov
New Funding: $10 million
Round: B
Backers: Almanz Capital, RTP Ventures

Providing a comprehensive in-memory platform, GridGain offers scalable in-memory data and computable technologies. Its product is already in use by Fortune 500 companies, government and innovative tech companies. Its latest round of investments will help expand sales, marketing and product development, according to a company statement. The company expects in-memory computing will have a similar reach to cloud and the Web, said company Vice President Massimo Pezzini.

Treasure Data

Headquarters: Mountain View, Calif.
CEO: Hiro Yoshikawa
New Funding: $5 million
Round: A
Backers: Sierra Ventures

Treasure Data is a cloud-based analytics service that combines open source software with distributed systems technology. CEO Hiro Yoshikawa said in a statement that the combination allows Treasure Data to simplify big data so it is more usable and of more value. "With Treasure Data, customers can be in full production in days to weeks, not the months or years typically required by existing solutions," he said in a company statement. The company plans to use the funding to expand globally, according to a Sierra Ventures statement.

Cloud Technology Partners

Headquarters: Boston
CEO: Chris Greendale
New Funding: $5 million
Round: B
Backers: Oak Investment Partners, State Street Bank, angels

Cloud Technology Partners works to develop cloud applications and infrastructures with the goal of reducing IT costs and ensuring a quick turnaround to market. It has already completed more than 50 engagements for enterprise clients across the world. The investment will help support the company's growth and expand offerings, including PaaSLane, the company's first application migration product, according to the company's press release.

ClearData Networks

Headquarters: Phoenix
CEO: Darin Brannan
New Funding: $7 million
Round: B
Backers: Norwest Venture Partners, Excel Venture Management

ClearData Networks is a cloud computing and service provider for the healthcare industry. Its HIPAA compliant HealthData product serves more than 300,000 professionals in the healthcare industry with the goal of improving productivity and helping cut costs. The investment will be used to expand sales to compensate for a rapidly growing market, according to a company press release.

Ambiq Micro

Headquarters: Austin, Texas
CEO: Mark Foley
New Funding: $10 million
Round: B
Backers: Austin Ventures, ARM, Mercury Fund, Huron River Ventures

Ambiq Micro produces ultra-low power integrated circuits. The newly acquired funding will work to expand the company's Subthreshold Power Optimized Technology (SPOT) that decreases the energy used in standard CMOS chip designs, according to a company press release. The technology will be useful to extend the battery life in emerging markets such as wearable technology from a few days to possibly months or years.


Headquarters: Mountain View, Calif.
CEO: Amarjit Gill
New Funding: $17 million
Round: B
Backers: Intel Capital, WestSummit Capital, Comcast Ventures, Atlantic Bridge, VMware

Since 2010, Maginatics has worked to provide distributed enterprise storage solutions through its flagship program Maginatics File System (MagFS), which offers network attached storage (NAS) when it would otherwise be unavailable. The company plans to use the new funding to grow marketing efforts, expand the company globally and spread MagFS to more users, according to the firm's press release.


Headquarters: Miami
CEO: Albert Santalo
New Funding: $29 million
Round: B
Backers: Adams Street Partners, Tenaya Capital, Intel Capital, Norwest Venture Partners

CareCloud provides a range of healthcare solutions from cloud-based practice management to electronic health records (EHR) and medical billing software and services. CareCloud currently supports 3,500 healthcare providers in 46 states and continues to grow rapidly, according a company statement. The investment will be used to continue researching and developing new technologies for cloud-based healthcare technology.


Headquarters: Mountain View, Calif.
CEO: John De Santis
New Funding: $18.5 million
Round: C
Backers: Intel Capital, Fortinet, VMware, In-Q-Tel, Granite Ventures, Cisco, Trident Capital, Epic Ventures

HyTrust delivers a variety of services through Cloud Security Automation (CSA) to enable companies to securely adopt the cloud and virtualization. The latest round of funding will be used to support the company's rapid growth as well as continue to innovate new cloud security solutions. "In the current environment, following widely publicized incidents like the NSA and Shionogi breaches, organizations are far more aware of the dangers of not having real-time visibility into datacenter operations, or the assurance that policies are automated, applied correctly and enforced," President and Founder Eric Chiu said in a statement.

Prolexic Technologies

Headquarters: Hollywood, Fla.
CEO: Scott Hammack
New Funding: $30 million
Round: C
Backers: Trident Capital, Intel Capital

Prolexic Technologies, a global company specializing in distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) protection services, received $30 million of C round funding, which the company will use to expand its worldwide scrubbing center footprint, increase cloud capacity of its DDoS offering and innovate new cloud security services, according to a company press release.