Best And Worst States: Taxes And Regulations

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The Top Five And The Bottom Five

When starting a solution provider business an entrepreneur has a lot to think about. What an entrepreneur doesn't want to have to think about it is taxes and red tape.

Our overall analysis of the best and worst states in which to start a business included an examination of the states with the highest and lowest tax and regulatory burdens for businesses. The examination looked at such criteria as a state's corporate tax rate and related factors, property taxes, regulatory environment, and tax incentives for job creation, research and development, and other business investments. Information sources included reports from the Tax Foundation, the Federation of Tax Administrators, and Forbes Best States For Business.

The criteria and metrics used were weighted to reflect their importance to solution providers based on the results of a survey CRN conducted among 250 solution providers in February 2013. The first five states have the highest scores (No. 5 to No. 1), followed by the five with the worst rankings (No. 46 to No. 50) on overall taxes and regulation.


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