Interactive Map: Best States To Start A Solution Provider Business

Across The Map

CRN's Best States To Start A Solution Provider Business is a detailed analysis of the business climate in all 50 states. Available exclusively in the CRN Tech News App, the project includes an interactive map that enables readers to filter by rank and by the top and bottom states in six categories: labor and employment costs, workforce experience and education, taxes and regulations, innovation and growth, business opportunity, and quality of life/personal cost of living.

By simply touching an individual state on the map, users will not only see the state's overall rank and how it performed in the categories above but also the state's top industries, tax rates, total employment, median household income and more.

Here we present a few of the features included in the interactive map. To view the map in its entirety on your iPad or Windows 8 tablet, head to the CRN Tech News App.

The Rankings Are In

The interactive map provides a complete list of the rankings on CRN's Best States To Start A Solution Provider Business. Apple iPad and Windows 8 tablet users can filter the map to display the top 10 and bottom 10 states, as well as groupings of 10 for easy viewing.

Filter By Category

For readers interested in how states ranked in specific sectors, the map can be filtered by the top five and bottom five in six categories:

Employment Costs
Workforce Education
Taxes And Regulation
Innovation And Growth
Business Opportunity
Quality of Life/Cost Of Living

Individual States

Readers get an in-depth look at how and why certain states ranked as they did by touching the state on the map. Doing so provides the state's ranking in the categories mentioned on the previous slide as well information on corporate, individual and state tax rates, education statistics, unemployment rates and more.