The Best And Worst States For Internet Usage

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The Top And Bottom Five

Given how important the Internet has become in our day-to-day lives, it's hard to believe some people still lack access to the Web. And yet throughout the U.S., only 80.2 percent of households are online, meaning nearly one-in-five households lack access to the Internet, according to The 2012 State New Economy Index report from The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation.

Why do we care? The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation report noted that the number of households online is a basic indicator of a state's progress toward a digital economy.

Here's our analysis of the states with the highest and the lowest percentage of households with Internet access. CRN included Internet access in its analysis of the best and worst states for starting a solution provider business. The first five states have the highest percentage of households with Internet access (No. 5 - No. 1), followed by the five states with the lowest percentage (No. 46 - No. 50).


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