Symantec's Split: Here's How The Growth Bubble Burst

Symantec has made 30 acquisitions over the past decade, acquiring some market-leading security technologies and adding storage and data management to its portfolio. Here's how the company's acquisition growth strategy may have reached the breaking point.

10 Things To Know About Crowdfunding

Channel startups and others have a chance to take advantage of the plethora of crowdfunding platforms out there. The trick is understanding how it all works.

Meet Google's New Phablet: 10 Things To Know About Nexus 6

Google quietly announced its latest phablet on Wednesday. The Nexus 6 is the technology giant's first smartphone release in almost a year. Here are 10 things to know about Google's latest device.

Exclusive Interview: Meg Whitman On HP's Split, Software-Defined Data Centers And Forthcoming Technology Advances

In a live on-stage interview at the Best of Breed Conference, HP CEO Meg Whitman fields questions on HP's future as two entities, how the two companies will play together in the market and her strategy for keeping HP innovation alive and kicking.

Restart Revelations: RightScale Surveys Cloud Users On Xen Reboots

Cloud management vendor RightScale surveyed businesses on how they fared during recent major cloud reboots. Here's a look at the results.

10 Security Technologies Gaining From Data Breach Hysteria

Interest in security products is increasing significantly, according to solution providers. But this year's stampede of credit card breaches have merchants that must meet PCI requirements assessing these technologies the most.

IDC: Top 5 Best-Selling PC Brands In Q3

PC sales declined 1.7 percent in the third quarter compared to the same time last year, according to IDC. Here are the top five PC brands for the quarter.

Q&A: IBM's Dupaquier On x86, SoftLayer And Moving Partners Up The Stack

In a discussion held at the Best of Breed Conference, IBM's Marc Dupaquier spoke about his vision for how the x86 divestiture, SoftLayer, Watson and more will help partners add more value to their portfolios with IBM. (via

In The Crosshairs: 10 Devices That Are iPhone 6 Killers

Apple might grab all the headlines, but the new iPhones are not necessarily the most capable devices out there. These 10 are ready to take a bite out of Apple's smartphone market share.

Gartner: 10 Ways Digital Business and Mobility Will Change IT By 2020

What's next in IT? Watch for applications connected to mobile devices to facilitate everything from remotely monitoring diabetes to deciding on a back-to-school backpack to location-targeted advertising, Gartner predicts.

Exclusive Interview: Michael Dell On HP Chaos, Lenovo Shortcomings And Icahn's Lies

Michael Dell fielded some tough questions from Channel Company CEO Robert Faletra during the opening session of the 2014 Best of Breed conference. Here's what Dell had to say on HP's split, Carl Icahn, and everything in between.

He Said, She Said: 6 Reactions To Satya Nadella's Controversial Comments

CRN reached out to several female channel executives hours after Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella retracted his statement that women should not ask for pay increases. Here's what they had to say.

7 Ways HP Plans To Keep Pace With IT Industry Changes

HP just unveiled plans to split up into two separate companies, and CEO Meg Whitman gave attendees at an event hosted by Entisys a glimpse of why she thinks HP is poised for future greatness.

State Of Salesforce: Study Reveals Best Business Practices

Global consultant Bluewolf assessed the state of in a study conducted in collaboration with the MIT Sloan School of Management. Here are the results.

5 Big Tech Industry CEOs That Caused An Uproar

Satya Nadella is just the latest executive to put his foot in his mouth. Here we take a look at five CEOs that have made headlines for gaffes and scandals.

Symantec CEO: 10 Priorities For Security, Storage Businesses

Symantec CEO Michael Brown laid out these 10 priorities and business opportunities that help shed light on how each of the two new companies will be shaped when the Symantec breakup is completed next year.

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Here's why future CEO of HP Inc. Dion Weisler sees enterprise mobility as a large, untapped opportunity to transform workflows and redefine how businesses operate, communicate and raise money.

10 Biggest Announcements Partners Expect From Apple's Oct. 16 Event

Following the tremendous success of the iPhone 6 launch, Apple has invited select members of the media to another event on Oct. 16. Here's what partners expect.

Silicon Splits: Symantec, HP And Five Other Big Tech Breakups

There have been more breakups recently in the tech world than in Hollywood. Here's a roundup of seven recent splits that rocked the IT world.

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The CRN Test Center noticed Microsoft's Windows 10 has many similarities to Apple's Mac OS X. Here's a look at 10 major points of comparison between the two operating systems.

Deal Breakdown: What To Know About Yahoo's M&A Strategy

CRN takes a closer look at Yahoo's buying strategy under CEO Marissa Mayer as speculation and chatter increase over a potential Snapchat deal.

The Best And Worst States For Quality Of Life/Personal Cost Of Living

If you're hunting for a new state in which to start a solution provider business, there's a lot to consider. Here are the states to put at the top of your list -- and the ones to avoid -- when considering the personal costs and quality of life offered.