ARC 2013: Biggest Vendor Gains And Drops

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No. 1 Biggest Gain: Lenovo In Notebooks

CEO: Yang Yuanqing

Gain: 11.6 Points (Overall Score 85.1)

A major reason why Samsung didn't climb higher among notebook manufacturers is because rival Lenovo improved its partner ARC scores even more. So much, in fact, that Lenovo captured the top spot in this product category, which Hewlett-Packard won last year.

Lenovo improved its scores in product innovation from 84.1 in 2012 to 89.9 this year, including an impressive gain in grades (from 83.8 to 94.1) in technical innovation.

But it was in support (up from 64.9 in 2012 to 78.9 this year) and partnership (up from 70.5 to 85.4) where Lenovo made the real gains. Under the former, Lenovo's score for pre-sales support shot up from 65.8 to 81.6. And in the partnership category the company's channel partners awarded scores of 74.7 for its partner portal (up from 55.7) and 92.8 (up from 75.9) for ease of doing business.

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