ARC 2013: Biggest Vendor Gains And Drops

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No. 3 Biggest Drop: Microsoft In Business Analytics

CEO: Steve Ballmer

Down 6.1 Points (Overall Score 67.1)

As with Data & Information Management, Microsoft's lower score cost the vendor the first-place ranking it held in 2012. In this product category it lost out to IBM.

Partners this year generally cut about 6 points off Microsoft's 2012 scores for product innovation (from 82.9 in 2012 to 77.1 this year), support (from 65.3 to 58.7) and partnership (from 70.5 to 64.5).

Microsoft's grade for product compatibility and ease of integration fell more than 10 points (from 87.1 in 2012 to 76.8 this year). Even more worrisome were big declines in scores for pre-sales support (from 68.5 to 54.5) and managing channel conflict (from 70.6 to 55.8).

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