Tips For Disaster Preparedness And Business Continuity When The 'Unexpected' Strikes

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Create 'Business Continuity Day'

After creating a business continuity model and plan, forgetting about it won't allow a business to work optimally, said Van Allen.

"The final thing to do is completely forget about it and never remember it again -- I'm being sarcastic," said Van Allen. "But a lot of cases will create some sort of business continuity model, test it one time and forget about it."

Like a holiday, create a day called Business Continuity Day so a business is well prepared, said Van Allen.

"Pick a day once a year, where Business Continuity Day is set aside so your whole business can activate the business continuity plan," said Van Allen. "They can fail over to the systems they would use should something go wrong and test that ebb and flow. Then you are well prepared for when the unexpected springs the expected on you."

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