Tips For Disaster Preparedness And Business Continuity When The 'Unexpected' Strikes

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Define Disaster And Plan For The Expected

Since there isn't one single solution for dealing with disaster recovery, preparedness and business continuity, businesses struggle trying to prepare, said Van Allen.

"I think that people in business sometimes try to plan for the worst and they actually underprepare as a result," said Van Allen.

Although natural disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes are inevitable, Van Allen believes businesses cannot prepare for the worst. Instead, they must take a simpler approach and plan for the effects of any event, he said.

"I'd like to get people to think more about what is expected to happen rather than the unexpected or the cataclysmic," said Van Allen. "A disaster is anything that causes business to cease functioning in a manner or fashion that results in significant loss. If you break it down into individual components, you can plan for it."

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