Tips For Disaster Preparedness And Business Continuity When The 'Unexpected' Strikes

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Use A Checklist

Van Allen recommends creating a checklist and to ask yourself the following questions and what you need to do in the first 15 minutes of a disaster.

- Are we safe from harm?

- Do we know what is happening?
- Who is my first call to?
- Who do I need to call?
- What if I can't use conventional systems to make a call?
- What if I can't get access to my building?
- What do we do if we have to evacuate? Who goes where?
- Is there a location that can be used for a temporary operations site?
- Can you make a mutual deal with another business owner a few miles away?
- Which employees are key decision-makers?
- What is my plan to bring in additional people to help run the business?
- What contracts, compliances or laws might I breach during this situation?

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