The Best (And Worst) Channel Stocks Of 2013

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CEO: Robert Dutkowsky

Dec. 31, 2012: $45.53
Dec. 31, 2013: $51.60
Change: +13.3%

Distributor Tech Data had the smallest stock price increase (13.3 percent) among the companies on our list. Still, double-digit growth is nothing to sneeze at.

Tech Data, based in Clearwater, Fla., hasn't issued any earnings statements for the current fiscal year ending Jan. 31 while the company works on restating financial results going as far back as fiscal 2011 because of possible accounting improprieties at the company's U.K. subsidiary.

In November, Tech Data acquired half of its TDMobility mobile device business owned until then by a joint venture partner. That, Tech Data said, will allow the distributor to better scale the business as it offers more mobile services through channel partners.

Tech Data also took steps in 2013 to expand its TDCloud business, which packages up cloud services, such as the VMware vCloud hybrid cloud service, and offers them to partners.

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