The Best (And Worst) Technology Stocks Of February

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Lenovo Group

CEO: Yang Yuanqing

Dec. 31, 2014: $26.74
Feb. 28, 2014: $21.54
Change: -19.45%
In the last year Lenovo has become the worldwide No. 1 PC vendor, with significant gains in the server and smartphone markets. It is acquiring IBM's x86 server business for $2.3 billion and Motorola Mobility from Google for almost $3 billion. So why was Lenovo's stock the worst performer on our list in February?

Investors seemed to have been spooked by the acquisition of the money-losing Motorola ($1.1 billion in pretax losses in 2013). But analysts say the market may be taking a short-sighted view of Lenovo, and that's pushed its share price down, rather than looking at its long-term prospects.

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