For Good Or For Ill: 10 Predictions For The Future Of The Internet

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At A Crossroads: Will The Internet Make Us Or Break Us?

The 25th anniversary of the development of the World Wide Web, which was officially introduced on March 12, 1989 when Sir Tim Berners-Lee released his original paper entitled "Information Management: A Proposal," is giving the IT industry a chance to not only celebrate, but to ponder the question of what comes next.

Will the Internet continue to bring the free exchange of ideas to everyone around the world regardless of how repressive their governments are, or help those governments better control their citizens? Will it open new venues for education and working together, or allow criminals or thought controllers new venues for exploitation?

The Pew Research Center explores these questions in a new report, "Digital Life in 2025." Turn the page for a look at some of the predictions from Pew's experts.

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