Top 10 Twitter Posts Of The Week

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CRN takes a look at the top twitter posts of the week, from Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak proudly displaying his new Tesla, to Silicon Valley venture capitalist Marc Andreessen weighing in on the resignation of Github cofounder Tom-Preston Warner.

10. Apple Co-Founder Wozniak’s New Tesla

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak (@SteveWoz) joined the elite club of Silicon Valley power players that drive Teslas, tweeting a picture of himself with his new electric vehicle.

9. Marc Benioff On Saving Newborns CEO Marc Benioff (@benioff) shared details on his latest philanthropic venture aimed at preventing premature births, the leading cause of death for newborns.

8. Satya Nadella On Helping Women Break Into Tech

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella (@satyanadella) promoted an initiative aimed at connecting women at universities around the world – the International Women's Hackathon being held April 25-27. Rane Johnson-Stempson, a research director for Microsoft Research Connections, is co-organizer of the hackathon, which aims to enable more women to get computer science degrees.

7. McKinsey & Company On The New Global Economy

McKinsey & Company (@McKinsey_MGI), the highly respected consulting company, used its chart of the week post to highlight the gains being made by emerging economies in the digital age versus developed economies, including in areas as diverse as services, financial, good, people, data and communication.

6. Dimension Data On The Nexus Acquisition

Dimension Data trumpeted its acquisition of $471 million SP500 power Nexus in a deal that shifts the balance of power in the Cisco solutions business. Dimension Data Americas CEO Mark Slaga (@Mark_Slaga) (center) even retweeted a photo of himself with key executives on a plane getting ready to tour a newly acquired Nexus IS office, welcoming them to the Dimension Data family.

5. Amazon CTO Werner Vogels On New PaaS Functionality

Amazon Chief Technology Officer Werner Vogels (@werner) touted the ecommerce and cloud giant's latest and greatest developer breakthrough, allowing its Elastic Beanstalk platform as a service to "deploy, manage and scale Docker containers."

4. Security Expert Mikko Hypponen On Successful Spammers

Mikko Hypponen (@mikko), chief research officer of Finnish security vendor F-Secure and a frequent security industry speaker, used a twitter post to mimic the cries of users who fail to take the necessary precaution to protect themselves against the most common techniques to spread spam and infect systems with malware. The upshot: businesses and users often fail to follow basic security best practices.

3. Venture Capitalist Andreessen On Github Resignation

Silicon Valley venture capitalist Marc Andreessen (@pmarca), whose venture capital firm, Andreessen Horowitz, is an investor in Github, a software code sharing startup, weighed in on the resignation of Github cofounder Tom-Preston Warner. Warner resigned after a Github investigation into gender based harassment found no evidence of illegal practices, but did find evidence that mistakes were made.

2. Puppet Labs Founder Responds To Andreesssen Post

Luke Kanies (@puppetmasterd), the founder and CEO of IT automation software maker Puppet Labs, Portland, Oregon, fired back at Andreessen over his Github post.

1. Icahn On Apple's Increased Stock Buyback

Activist investor Carl Icahn (@carl_c_icahn) voiced his support after Apple increased its stock buyback by another $30 billion, but also made sure Apple knows just where he stands with regard to how the company is valued.