Top 10 Twitter Posts Of The Week

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For the week ending May 2, CRN looks at some of the top Twitter posts in the technology space. This week's list includes some cloud competition debates, an artistic expression from one of Cisco's top executives, and a political statement from Michael Dell.

10. Padmasree Warrior's Work Of Art

Cisco Chief Technology and Strategy Officer Padmasree Warrior (@Padmasree), the driving force behind many of the networking market leader's most innovative offerings, is also an artist. Warrior tweeted a painting of hers of a beautiful woman that adorns a tank top.

9. OpenStack Lock-In?

Dan Wendlandt (@danwendlandt), a self-described former Nicira networking geek who leads OpenStack at VMware, retweeted a Six Requirements of Enterprise Grade OpenStack blog by Randy Bias, the founder and CEO of cloud infrastructure developer Cloudscaling. The gem that caught his attention: "OpenStack can certainly reduce vendor lock-in but it won't remove it."

8. A Red Hat Celebration

Brian Stevens (@addvin), Red Hat executive vice president and CTO, posted a photo of the celebration with the Inktank team after Red Hat acquired the Ceph open-source storage company for $175 million.

7. A CSC Amazon Moment

Dan Hushon (@DanHushon), chief technology officer at systems integration giant CSC, celebrated his company's new partnership with Amazon Web Services by tweeting a photo of Amazon Vice President of Worldwide Commercial Sales Mike Clayville touting the partnership at CSC's global sales conference.

6. Cloud Competition

Greg Knieriemen (@Knieriemen), technology evangelist at Hitachi Data Systems, weighs in on the potential three-way competition in the cloud ecosystem space between Pivotal Software, Amazon and now Red Hat, which just acquired InkTank.

5. Cloud Price Cutting

Frank Cohen (@fcohen), founder and CTO of PushToTest, an open-source application testing firm, highlights the numerous price cuts Amazon Web Services has made to its cloud offerings. Amazon recently dropped its prices yet again.

4. The Blame Game

Todd Williams (@backfromred), author, professional speaker and head of consulting firm eCameron, takes a shot at Oracle, which has been embroiled in controversy over its troubled deployment for Oregon's online health insurance exchange.

3. Big Innovation In Beijing

Rahul Sood (@RahulSood) general manager of Microsoft Ventures, praises the startup and innovation culture in Beijing, China, after visiting the Microsoft Ventures office in the city.

2. Apple Appreciation

Vala Afshar (@valaafshar), chief marketing officer at Extreme Networks, offers some metrics to show just how big Apple is and how much cash reserves the company is sitting on.

1. Dell For Equality

Michael Dell (@michaeldell) offers his support for Texas Senate Bill 237, which would outlaw employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity or expression. Dell linked to a statement from Craig Brisco, vice president of human resources for Dell's Global Commercial Business, explaining why the company supports Texas SB 237.