Top 10 Tweets Of The Week

Top 10 Twitter Posts Of The Week

For the week ending May 16, CRN looks at some of the top Twitter posts in the technology space. This week's list includes a call for action on Net Neutrality, reaction to Adobe's 27-hour cloud outage and backlash against the NSA for allegedly tampering with Cisco products before they shipped overseas.

Accenture's Oracle Deal

Accenture is loud and proud, tweeting out news of its deal to acquire Enkitec, an Oracle Platinum partner, for an undisclosed sum. Derek Steelberg, global managing director of Oracle business for Accenture, calls the deal a "game changer" for Accenture's Oracle business.

Net Neutrality

U.S. Senator Al Franken (D-Minnesota) urges citizens to sign a petition aimed at protecting Net Neutrality as the Federal Communications Commission voted to open public debate on it.

Power Outage

Adobe Creative Cloud users were left hanging this week as a 27-hour outage in the company's suite left users and partners unable to use any functions of the suite's online services. The company hasn't officially stated the cause of the outage, attributing the problem in a blog post only to "database maintenance activity and affected services that require users to log in with an Adobe ID." Users that had not upgraded yet to the Creative Cloud were not affected by the outage.

Cisco Lock-In?

Will Cisco's ACI lock in Vblock customers? That's what Steve Chambers says in response to's story on VMware's Vice President of Networking and Security Hatem Naguib's blog pointing out that NSX "runs absolutely great" on VCE Vblocks -- a swipe at VCE's decision to use VCE-picked Cisco's Application-Centric Infrastructure (ACI) as the default SDN technology for Vblocks.

Ready To Buy Rackspace?

Torry Harris Business Solutions, a Perth Amboy, N.J.-based cloud integration company, tweets out potential bidders for cloud infrastructure provider Rackspace. Among the potential bidders: AT&T, Hewlett-Packard and Cisco.

No, You Did Not Have A Baby

Shutterfly apologized via Twitter for an email gaffe that had the company congratulating "new parents" who actually were not new parents. Some women struggling to get pregnant were particularly upset by the email pitch.

Grave Walking

Sequel Data Systems technology consultant Steve Thomsen is not shy about letting the world know that EMC reps making a client pitch were unnerved by Pure Storage.

Worthless/Failed NSA Ideas

Robert M. Lee, a U.S. Air Force cyberspace operations officer, responding to FireEye security strategist and former Mandiant CTO Richard Bejtlich's comments about the PowerPoint slides among the documents leaked by government contractor Edward Snowden.

NSA Cisco Intercept -- Where Is The Surveillance?

Raoul Miller, a self-described enterprise architect and world traveler, takes a whack at the NSA intercept of Cisco equipment going overseas, implanting surveillance functionality to monitor Internet traffic.

Cisco Cares

Cisco CTO Padmasree Warrior responds to bloggers wondering whether Cisco cares about the NSA's now not-so-secret campaign to implant Internet traffic surveillance functionality into Cisco equipment going overseas. "We do [care]," she tweeted.

Warrior is pointing to a blog post last week by Cisco General Counsel Mark Chandler criticizing the U.S. government for overreaching and undermining confidence in the "global, open Internet."