Glassdoor: 12 Tech Companies With The Best Paychecks And Benefits

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Through anonymous reviews on Glassdoor, employees have revealed which companies give the best pay and benefits. Tech companies had a strong showing on the list, taking 12 out of the top 25 spots, including four of the top five spots. Take a look at which tech companies made the list, and if employees think the paycheck and benefits are worth it.


Ranking: 18

Multiple reviewers said that the pay and benefits at Microsoft were "awesome," with lots of vacation time, high salaries and a great work/life balance. However, reviewers said that in recent years the company has cut back a bit on benefits, though they remain competitive.

"What were GREAT benefits are now VERY GOOD (took a small step down) but still probably better than you'll find at 99% of large corporations. If you've got family - the value of the benefits is even higher," one reviewer wrote.


Ranking: 17

While reviewers said they think T-Mobile's pay is less than competitors Verizon and AT&T, they praised the control that an individual can have within the organization and its advanced technology. The "excellent pay and wonderful benefits," as one reviewer wrote, include a 401(k), a variety of health plans, extensive time off, employee phone plans, daycare assistance, pet insurance and more.


Ranking: 16

VMware employees described their pay and benefits as "excellent," "plentiful" and "generous." They said they particularly appreciated bonuses and stock for top performers, unlimited vacation, cost-effective and strong health-care plans and on-site amenities. A member of the technical staff has an average salary of $99,569, according to Glassdoor.

"Very generous with benefits and salary. Bonuses are always paid out well above target," one employee reviewer wrote.


Ranking: 15

Reviewers praised Verizon's strong salaries, insurance offerings, tuition assistance, annual bonuses and flexible schedules for why they rated the company so highly. A software engineer at Verizon takes home an average salary of $87,195 and systems engineers earn an average $84,283, Glassdoor found.

"Great benefits and great pay. Pay is based on experience and education. Increases with time. The money is the biggest incentive," a reviewer wrote.

Riverbed Technology

Ranking: 14

Reviewers were particularly fond of "excellent" benefits, free parking and transport, stock incentives and more at Riverbed Technology. The average member of technical staff at Riverbed brings home an average salary of $113,516.

"The benefits are first-class," one reviewer wrote.

However, many reviewers expressed concerns over cost-cutting since the company's $1 billion acquisition of OPNET in 2012, saying that it seems to them that employees are bearing the brunt of the cuts.


Ranking: 13

Qualcomm employees enjoy raises every six months, bonuses, stock incentives and flexible hours. On average, a software engineer at Qualcomm makes $88,285. The equity compensation is especially important to employees as Qualcomm stock has been on the rise, the reviewers said. On the downside, employees said that overall salaries were sometimes lower to compensate for health or stock benefits.

"For [the] semiconductor industry, I would rate this as the best company to work for, especially if you are ASIC design/verification or hardware engineer. Awesome Benefits, pretty much cover everything...Generous vacation policy and work policy is pretty flexible as long as you get the job done," one reviewer wrote.

Ranking: 9 employees gushed about aggressive compensation, flexible schedules, benefits, extensive time off and other perks like gym memberships, massages and extra paid time off for philanthropy work. For salaries, technical staff reported an average salary of $112,005, Glassdoor said.

" invests heavily in its employees. From the high-end office space to comfortable interiors, generous benefits, and firm commitment to meeting and exceeding workplace fairness, policy and procedure rules and laws, anyone can be free to be themselves at and do the best work of their lives," one reviewer wrote.


Ranking: 6

Intuit employees praised the company's great work environment, competitive compensation and strong health-care benefits. An average software engineer at the company makes $87,394, Glassdoor found.

"They put people first ALL THE TIME. One way you can tell is the benefits package is top notch," one reviewer wrote.

However, one reviewer complained that the benefits were almost too good, as employees rarely leave except through layoffs, which limited opportunities for career growth.

Epic Systems Corp.

Ranking: 5

Health-care software company Epic Systems Corp. has "outstanding" benefits, reviewers said, especially for people on the business and technology sides. In particular, recent college graduates and young professionals said that the company offers very competitive salaries. Raises help keep salaries high, with one reviewer saying raises can be as high as 30 percent year-over-year. However, with the high salary and benefits often come long hours and frequent travel, reviewers said.


Ranking: 4

Adobe employees praised the software company's high pay, generous compensation program with short sabbaticals earned every five years, strong work/life balance, insurance plans and education assistance up to $10,000 a year. A software engineer at Adobe earns an average salary of $93,700 a year.

"They empower and trust their employees. GREAT benefits, compensation, reputation. The facilities are world-class and they give you all of the best and most current equipment to help you succeed," one reviewer wrote of the company.


Ranking: 3

Besides an abundance of free snacks, Facebook employees praised the company's pay, stocks, bonuses, environment, travel and training. However, many did say that the slew of benefits came with the price of little work/life balance.

"The pay is great, the benefits are awesome, you are largely treated well, but this is a company you can definitely bite into too hard and overwork yourself," one reviewer wrote.


Ranking: 1

No stranger to the top of lists of best companies to work for, it is no surprise to find Google at the top of the list for pay and benefits on Glassdoor's company review. Besides strong base salaries, with a software engineer at Google making an average salary of $118,971, employee reviewers said that bonuses and equity grants were particularly lucrative as the company continues to perform well on Wall Street. Beyond compensation, reviewers said they appreciated Google working to invest in educating its employees.

"The perks and environment of the company are well known, but the resources for professional growth are sometimes overlooked. There is no better company in tech or the Valley to accelerate your career and grow personally or professionally," one reviewer wrote.